A vaxxing issue: parenting disputes over vaccination of children against Covid-19

In parenting disputes regarding whether to vaccinate a child against Covid-19, a primary consideration is whether the decision will be in the child’s best interest.

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Avoiding a regulatory w-hack in the face of a cyber hack – what AFSL holders need to know

Australian Financial Services Licence holders face significant pecuniary penalties if found to be in breach of cybersecurity risk management obligations under s 912A Corporations Act.

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A tale of two Stanfords: blended families and family provision claims

Two unrelated cases of Stanford v Stanford illustrate the intersection of family, succession and arguably elder law in a blended family context.    

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‘Hot law’: Law Society briefing paper identifies trends in climate change litigation

The Law Society of NSW Briefing Paper brings you up to speed with the latest trends, cases and future direction of climate change litigation.

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Accounting for the ‘wholesale plundering’ of a business

High Court confirms knowing participant in a breach of fiduciary duty is liable to account for any benefit gained as a result. By KATE BOYD.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: an international law perspective

While Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is almost universally condemned as an unlawful act of aggression, it raises an unusual number of international law issues.

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Challenging legal professional privilege in multidisciplinary practices

The Federal Court’s much‑anticipated judgment in the dispute between the Commissioner of Taxation and PricewaterhouseCoopers regarding legal professional privilege.

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Whistleblowing and the high cost of speaking up

Three men are presently before Australian courts charged with revealing information about the inner-workings of government agencies or the conduct of our armed forces. Such…

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Vale Geraldine Daley AM

The Injury Compensation Committee of the Law Society was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Geraldine Daley AM on 30 April 2022.

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Covid complaint tests the limits of privacy law

In the first COVID-related privacy case in NSW, a sensible result should not be misunderstood: privacy protections still apply.

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Beware of unfair general security terms when dealing with SMEs

Small businesses should review general security clauses in their standard contracts to avoid findings of unfair, void or unenforceable contracts.

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