Bringing robo-debts before the law: why it’s time to right a legal wrong

The Government’s robo-debt scheme is still operating without legal foundation and it’s time we took a stand, argues former AAT Member, PROFESSOR TERRY CARNEY.    

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Growing public awareness of animal cruelty leads to stronger protections

Addressing the true cost of your make-up. With growing public consciousness about animal rights, our laws are starting to change. By GIULIA PROSPERI-PORTA and RISHIKA…

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Chorley abolished! High Court has final say

Self-represented legal practitioners can no longer recover costs for time spent on litigation. MICHELLE CASTLE and ANDREW BAILEY explain.

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Accounting for the ‘wholesale plundering’ of a business

High Court confirms knowing participant in a breach of fiduciary duty is liable to account for any benefit gained as a result. By KATE BOYD.

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Shifting goalposts in Australia’s skilled migration program

On April 2017, the Government announced a major skilled migration reform implementation process that would start immediately and conclude in March 2018 when the subclass…

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Honesty is the best (way to make sure you are covered under the) policy

Honesty is always the best policy. If a claim arises from a lack of honesty, professional indemnity insurance cover may be in jeopardy. By MALCOLM…

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Anti-competitive IP transactions under the spotlight

Recently published ACCC guidelines place anti-competitive intellectual property transactions under the spotlight. By CYNTHIA COCHRANE and CATHERINE BEMBRICK

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The limits of the privilege against self-incrimination

What information-gathering powers do regulators like the ATO possess? What rights do clients have when questioned by regulators? JOHN FLEMING discusses the limits of the…

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We are all publishers now: ignoring online comments no longer an option

Voller judgment makes it clear that businesses can no longer afford to ignore online comments. By ANGUS MACINNIS

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Common law claims under the Motor Accident Injuries Act

Part four of our series examines common law claims under the Motor Accident Injuries Act. By BELINDA CASSIDY

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Why your initial choice of entity is so important

As your initial choice of entity has long-term consequences, it’s important to give it careful consideration. By JIM MAIN

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Rights of injured workers expanded: knee replacements no longer subject to time limits

The Workers Compensation Commission ruled a knee replacement is an ‘artificial aid’ for the purposes of the exceptions within s 59A of the Workers Compensation…

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