Bringing robo-debts before the law: why it’s time to right a legal wrong

The Government’s robo-debt scheme is still operating without legal foundation and it’s time we took a stand, argues former AAT Member, PROFESSOR TERRY CARNEY.    

Growing public awareness of animal cruelty leads to stronger protections


Addressing the true cost of your make-up. With growing public consciousness about animal rights, our laws are starting to change. By GIULIA PROSPERI-PORTA and RISHIKA…

Chorley abolished! High Court has final say


Self-represented legal practitioners can no longer recover costs for time spent on litigation. MICHELLE CASTLE and ANDREW BAILEY explain.

The journalist, the warrant and the gatekeeper: is it time for more oversight?

In light of the recent federal police raids on journalists, BRADLEY DEAN considers whether it’s time to reassess the powers to grant search warrants.

In the fight against elder abuse, is it time to revisit the notional estate?

In the national effort to combat elder abuse, is it time to revisit the notional estate? By JOHN CLARKE

Accounting for the ‘wholesale plundering’ of a business

High Court confirms knowing participant in a breach of fiduciary duty is liable to account for any benefit gained as a result. By KATE BOYD.

Shifting goalposts in Australia’s skilled migration program


On April 2017, the Government announced a major skilled migration reform implementation process that would start immediately and conclude in March 2018 when the subclass…

Honesty is the best (way to make sure you are covered under the) policy


Honesty is always the best policy. If a claim arises from a lack of honesty, professional indemnity insurance cover may be in jeopardy. By MALCOLM…

2018 Timor Sea Treaty: a new dawn in relations between Australia and Timor-Leste?

The Timor Sea Treaty establishes a permanent maritime boundary in the Timor Sea, replacing previous joint petroleum development arrangements. By PROFESSOR DONALD R ROTHWELL.

We are all publishers now: ignoring online comments no longer an option

Voller judgment makes it clear that businesses can no longer afford to ignore online comments. By ANGUS MACINNIS

The ‘relevant insurer’ in the Motor Accident Injuries Act

Want to know more about the Motor Accident Injuries Act? BELINDA CASSIDY addresses some common areas of confusion in a new series of articles.

Ethics must be part of your trust account’s DNA

Regulatory and compliance solicitor, FRANCES MOFFITT, reminds us how falsehoods involving trust money can bring the whole profession into disrepute.

More e-conveyancing essentials for the modern property lawyer

, and

Get the run down on some of the essential concepts of the mandated e-conveyancing scheme. By KYE TRAN-TSAI, CLAIRE MARTIN and BENJAMIN ADAMS.

Lawcover tips for managing some key risks in litigation practice


Professional negligence claims can often arise from complex litigation. JANICE PURVIS and CANDICE PERRIMAN outline some ways to recognise and manage the risks.

Rights of injured workers expanded: knee replacements no longer subject to time limits

The Workers Compensation Commission ruled a knee replacement is an ‘artificial aid’ for the purposes of the exceptions within s 59A of the Workers Compensation…