Construction of a contract of life insurance

The Court of Appeal has handed down a unanimous decision regarding the proper construction of a contract of life insurance.

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Damages for breaches of statutory guarantees

Recent NSW Court of Appeal decision in Scenic Tours v Moore considers the damages awardable under the Australian Consumer Law for breaches of statutory guarantees.

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‘Last drinks’ called on challenged sale of Quarryman’s Hotel

Recent High Court decision considers what constitutes carrying ‘on the business in the usual and ordinary course’ and principles of contract interpretation.

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‘Equity, mate’ – Equitable principles limit the effect of general words in releases

A recent Court of Appeal decision reviewed the special equitable principles that apply to the construction and efficacy of a deed of release.

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Smart contracts: What lawyers need to know

Smart contracts are the ‘new frontier’, however lawyers should be aware of the enforceability and security issues surrounding its use.

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Beware of unfair general security terms when dealing with SMEs

Small businesses should review general security clauses in their standard contracts to avoid findings of unfair, void or unenforceable contracts.

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An offer you can’t refuse: big changes coming to the Unfair Contract Terms regime

A guide to the bill currently before Federal Parliament and the wide-ranging reforms to Australia’s Unfair Contract Terms regime.  

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Time to review your insurance contracts: the unfair contract terms regime is on its way

Are you ready for the new laws extending the unfair contract terms regime to insurance contracts?

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Limitation periods: Simple? Not always

Time limits – love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve gotta know them.

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Financial regulation and a vulnerable Indigenous community

High Court gives the green light to controversial ‘book-up’ system. By TALITHA FISHBURN.

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