Limitation periods: Simple? Not always

Time limits – love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve gotta know them.

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Financial regulation and a vulnerable Indigenous community

High Court gives the green light to controversial ‘book-up’ system. By TALITHA FISHBURN.

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Codelfa in the new age: has the gateway shifted?

TALITHA FISHBURN takes a closer look at whether ambiguity in a contract is required as a precondition to admit evidence of ‘surrounding circumstances’?

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Amended security of payment regime set to bring more clarity to building and construction disputes

In the coming months there will be important changes to the way the security of payment regime operates in NSW. By ANDREW BAILEY.

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ACCC wins first B2B unfair contract terms case

In Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd, the Federal Court applied new laws that protect small businesses from unfair…

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Smart contracts: just how clever are they?

The adoption of smart contracts continues to grow, comprising a variety of contractual relationships partly automated by computer software and which run on blockchain technology….

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Ensuring legal certainty in international electronic contracts

Australia will soon be eligible to accede to the 2005 United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts. By JOHN WAKEFIELD…

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High Court rules on resolving ambiguities in commercial contracts

The High Court has followed established authority in holding that an ambiguous provision in a commercial contract should be construed by having regard to the…

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Enforcing post-employment restraints after an employer’s breach of contract

Whether post-employment restraints will be enforceable after termination can be an important issue where a senior employee is deciding whether to leave in the face…

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Contractual warranties: assignee may sue for pre-assignment breaches

The NSWCA has confirmed that where contractual warranties are assigned, the assignee may recover damages even where the warranties were breached before the assignment took…

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