A giant career

GWS Giants netball star Tilly McDonell might wear a defender’s bib on the court – but that isn’t holding her back from attacking a law…

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Nailing a new punchline

Comedian Alice Fraser tests her jokes on live audiences. Why? As she explains throwing half-baked one-liners at a lone person is a terrible way to…

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10 Indigenous people nailing careers in Law

Trailblazers in their fields, these 10 legal minds have worked tirelessly to advance Indigenous people’s rights and serve as leaders in the profession.

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Keeping it together in lockdown

This lockdown seems like it is so much harder than previous ones.  What can I do to keep it together during these uncertain times?

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The feedback loop

Giving feedback can be tricky, but clear and considerate language sparks a two-way conversation.

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