Eyes on the ball

Australia’s number one FootGolfer Joshua Ackland shares his sporting journey ahead of the 2018 FootGolf World Cup in Morocco.

Walking on the wild side

Law graduate Rhiannon Beach set up Canberra’s first dog walking and day care business, Pups4Fun, in 2008 to help fund her part-time university degree. Ten…

  • A day in the life of… Carolyn Jones

    - 5 min read

    Women’s Legal Service NSW senior solicitor Carolyn Jones shares her passion for grassroots advocacy.

  • A day in the life of… Fadak Alfayadh

    - 4 min read

    Fadak Alfayadh was 10 when she arrived in Australia as a refugee. A few days later, her family celebrated the New Year safe from the…

  • The case that changed me Anna Cody

    - 3 min read

    A case involving the Stolen Generation taught the value of meeting a client where they are most comfortable as well as a lesson in the…

  • A day in the life of… Jon Davies

    - 4 min read

    Jon Davies likes to call himself Chief Energy Officer in an organisation of young people working to promote positive conversations about mental health with young…

Want success? Embrace change

Change is difficult and ambiguous, but necessary for professional survival and leadership.

How can I get through the summer months?

Work is out of control at the moment and I am really craving the summer break. Is this a sign I need to change jobs?

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