Class act

Meet Suzie Miller, a lawyer and multi-award-winning playwright.

Striking a balance

Whether on the hockey pitch or in a courtroom, Kalindi Commerford is someone you want on your team. The 26-year-old Hockeyroo has played nearly 30…

Law with a comedy Chaser

LSJ catches up with comedian and lawyer Julian Morrow to chat about his new business combining educational seminars with alcohol.

Blak letter Queen

Alison Whittaker’s newest anthology of poems, Blakwork, tells the story of how modern Australia was built on the back of Indigenous labour.

Eyes on the ball

Australia’s number one FootGolfer Joshua Ackland shares his sporting journey ahead of the 2018 FootGolf World Cup in Morocco.

Walking on the wild side

Law graduate Rhiannon Beach set up Canberra’s first dog walking and day care business, Pups4Fun, in 2008 to help fund her part-time university degree. Ten…

Legal moves BASS Queens

In the lead-up to a competition, bhangra dancer and young lawyer Harsimran Kaur has a frenetic routine: work, dance, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s a tough…

Running for his life

Frank Dearn is a former lawyer with remarkable endurance and has become the third-oldest Australian to complete a marathon.

Putting the boot in

For in-house lawyer Jason McLennan, law and football make for a compelling match.

Going for a song

For legal secretary Amy Pes, singing and song writing is a powerful antidote to the everyday stress of work.