The ‘hidden crime’: slavery in Australia in 2019

It’s the crime we look at but don’t see: here’s what slavery looks like in Australia in 2019.

  • To social or not to social?

    - 6 min read

    Many in the profession approach social media with justified trepidation, but those who embrace it are reaping the rewards.

  • Raids, outrage and reform: what now for press freedom?

    - 8 min read

    Whistleblowers, sources and confidential information are critical to investigative journalism – but what happens when the law requires they be identified?

  • The trouble with flying solo

    - 7 min read

    Sole practitioners make up a significant proportion of the legal profession but too often get lost in discussions around mental health.

  • Losing my religion, losing my job?

    - 7 min read

    Israel Folau’s dispute with Rugby Australia has exposed the glaring legal chasm between employment contracts and our right to share views on social media.

Carving a new line

Intellectual property lawyer Matt Ward has conquered three of Alaska’s most intimidating peaks – on a snowboard.

Six minutes with Theodora Ahilas

The 2018 winner of the Law Society of NSW President’s Medal on the “courage and dignity” of her clients.