The hidden workplace hazard

What’s next after #MeToo for lawyers? Experts say bullying could be the most dangerous workplace hazard.

  • Law firms, we have a people problem

    - 7 min read

    In an era when effective people management and entrepreneurship are more integral to success than ever, lawyers are still regarded as lacking. SAM MCKEITH delves…

  • Building diversity in the legal profession

    - 7 min read

    More law firms are making diversity and inclusion a priority, but success requires establishing a business case, a considered approach, and strong leadership. 

  • The storm around suppression orders

    - 9 min read

    Suppression orders are intended to keep matters out of the news, but a string of recent events means the orders themselves are making headlines.

  • The ANZAC among us

    - 5 min read

Chasing the exotic

Cara Ghassemian has combined her work as a lawyer with a side hustle in tourism.

Lunch with David Bushby

Sitting down to lunch with David Bushby, legal entrepreneur and Managing Director at InCounsel, offers a glimpse into the burgeoning world of law done differently.