Innovate or perish: key lesson from the 2019 FLIP Conference

Canadian lawyer and management consultant Mitch Kowalski discussed modern client needs, flexible work, millennials and talent retention at FLIP 2019.

Women lawyers outnumber men; Indigenous numbers lagging

A new report has shed light on the changing face of  Australia’s legal profession.

Huge line-up announced for 2019 FLIP Conference

Legal visionaries George Beaton and Richard Susskind will headline a star-studded line-up of speakers at the Law Society of NSW’s annual FLIP conference.

Domestic violence victims 10 times more likely to suffer multiple legal problems

An Australian-first study has revealed that victims of domestic and family violence are 10 times more likely than others to experience myriad legal problems.

Lawyers face cyber risk as property settlements move online

Property lawyers are warning of a heightened threat of cyber fraud to law firms and clients as high-value property transactions are increasingly conducted online via…

Experts examine ‘seismic shifts’ proposed to family law system

A panel of family law experts has weighed in on the recommendations put forward by a national review of Australia’s family law system.

Largest-ever study reveals disturbing rates of bullying and harassment in law

A global survey by the International Bar Association has revealed shocking rates of bullying and sexual harassment among lawyers.

Year 101: What next for women in law?

It is 101 years since Australian women won the right to practise law in NSW, but barriers to gender equality remain.