Former DPP chats drugs, true crime and retirement with LSJ

Former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery has blasted the state government for its “the lack of political will” in failing to reform drug…

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Declining public trust threatens our judiciary: Chief Justice

Speaking to NSW lawyers, Chief Justice Tom Bathurst said it was essential to improve the public’s understanding of Australian courts and judicial powers.

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NSW Young Lawyers wins national award

The NSW Young Lawyers Human Rights Committee, a branch under the NSW Young Lawyers segment of the Law Society of NSW, has been named a…

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Can greedy relatives exploit elder abuse safeguards?

Safeguards to prevent elder abuse oten assist disgruntled relatives in court battles over inheritances, a new study suggests.

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A helping hand with new bushfire support scheme

How lawyers can help those devastated by last summer’s deadly bushfires

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Can ‘Trust Tech’ help firms eradicate sexual harassment?

Innovations that enable employees to anonymously report workplace sexual harassment have been lauded as potential game-changers.

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ALRC launches probe into judicial bias

The law reform commission will consider whether current safeguards on judicial impartiality go far enough.

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Family Court’s COVID-19 priority list to continue through Christmas and beyond

The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court will continue to fast-track urgent family law matters under the COVID-19 list system implemented in April.

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Girls school the competition in mock trial

St Catherine’s School for girls have beat out the competition and won the Law Society of NSW’s annual Mock Trial competition.

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Future planning and proactivity the key themes at Specialist Accreditation Week

The Law Society of NSW hosts the Specialist Accreditation Week online with more than 280 participants and 58 speakers covering a range of topics.

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