The case that changed me – Pauline Wright

Pauline Wright, President of the Law Council of Australia and Principal lawyer at P J Donnellan & Co, tells how a case of domestic violence,…

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North Korea: a human rights disaster lost in the dark

Two North Korean defectors shine light on the dark state of affairs in their country.

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Six minutes with Michael Bradley

MICHAEL BRADLEY is Managing Partner of Marque Lawyers, as well as a columnist and writer. He has just published his first book, Coniston, a true…

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Lunch with Terry Sheahan

Terry Sheahan retired as a judge of the NSW Land and Environment Court in August. His two decades on the bench came after a long…

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The case that changed me – Andrew Tiedt

As a solicitor, representing a client in front of a jury for the first time can be intimidating. Criminal lawyer Andrew Tiedt, Director of Criminal…

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Phoenix rising: Julia Gillard on life after politics

Australia’s first and only female prime minister reflects on her short-lived legal career and tumultuous time in politics, as she looks to a brighter future…

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Life and learning in-house

With over 30 years of experience as part of the in-house legal team at Westpac, Justin Moses shares his top tips for how to succeed…

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The case that changed me – Anne O’Donoghue

Director and principal lawyer of Immigration Solutions Lawyers Anne O’Donoghue shares a career-changing case with LSJ.

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Lunch with Brendan Thomas

As Legal Aid NSW celebrates its 40th anniversary, the organisation’s CEO shares his vision and hopes for the future.

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Six minutes with Jason Behrendt

Meet the winner of the 2019 President’s Medal, Jason Behrendt.

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