Six minutes with Peter Payne

Cobar’s Peter Payne is a straight-shooting lawyer who has no shortage of clients thanks to some faithful pub patrons from his former days as owner…

Eyes on the ball

Australia’s number one FootGolfer Joshua Ackland shares his sporting journey ahead of the 2018 FootGolf World Cup in Morocco.

The case that changed me – Judge Roger Dive

Judge Roger Dive, Senior Judge of the Drug Court of NSW, recalls a story of redemption that has stayed with him for 13 years.

Six minutes with Nicholas Stewart

Nicholas Stewart is a partner at the “out loud and proud” LGBTI law firm Dowson Turco Lawyers in Sydney. For the past five years he…

Lawyers of the land

The big dry is putting regional communities in NSW through their paces and the Bureau of Meteorology warns it could take until autumn 2019 for…

For the love of animals

Australia has the chance to join a growing number of nations including China, the UK and France, which are closing legal loopholes that allow domestic…

The case that changed me – Justice François Kunc

Justice François Kunc, a judge in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court, reflects on a piece of commercial litigation involving QCs Tom Hughes, Ian…

Against the tide: UNHCR lawyer Ellen Hansen

UNHCR lawyer Ellen Hansen speaks with Jane Southward on the global compact on refugees presented to the UN General Assembly.

The case that changed me – Former High Court Justice Michael Kirby

Sometimes, winning the case is less important than bringing attention to a cause. Former High Court Justice Michael Kirby explains how one particular case early…

The power of being well

Maddison Jones discusses how learning to live with a debilitating disease has helped boost her resilience and live her best life.