Six minutes with Stephanie Lambert

Stephanie Lambert is a partner at HFW and specialises in commercial law and major projects, including high-profile acquisitions and retail developments. Last year, at age…

Lunch with crime reporter Emma Partridge

LSJ meets Kennedy Award-winning journalist Emma Partridge for the inside scoop on the life of a crime and court reporter.

Lunch with David Bushby

Sitting down to lunch with David Bushby, legal entrepreneur and Managing Director at InCounsel, offers a glimpse into the burgeoning world of law done differently.

Chasing the exotic

Cara Ghassemian has combined her work as a lawyer with a side hustle in tourism.

Six minutes with Mitch Wallis

Mitch Wallis is a social entrepreneur and founder of the viral online mental health movement Heart on My Sleeve. He speaks to LSJ in the lead-up…

The case that changed me – Amanda Banton

Amanda Banton reflects on how the settlement of a class action was the crowning moment in a decade of hard work and thinking outside the…

Class act

Meet Suzie Miller, a lawyer and multi-award-winning playwright.

The case that changed me – Kingsley Liu

Kingsley Liu tells how his pro bono work for a small Indian Islamic community led him to represent other important human rights causes. 

Striking a balance

Whether on the hockey pitch or in a courtroom, Kalindi Commerford is someone you want on your team. The 26-year-old Hockeyroo has played nearly 30…

The case that changed me – Greg James QC

GREG JAMES QC was involved in prosecuting from 1988 to 1993 this and two other Nazi war crime cases – the only three cases brought…