High Court: May 2024

The High Court considers statutory construction and procedural fairness in the context of findings and reports by Victoria’s anti-corruption body. BY DR MICHELLE SHARPE

By - 4 min read

Federal Court: May 2024

The Federal Court considers the Lehrmann case and whether suppressed torture training material is in the public domain. By VINCCI CHAN and JOANNE SHEPARD.

By and - 9 min read

New South Wales Court of Appeal: September 2023

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the New South Wales Court of Appeal. By Michael Morgan.

By - 7 min read

Family law: May 2024

The latest decisions discussing judicial bias, ultra vires parenting orders, denial of procedural fairness and financial agreements. By CRAIG NICOL and KELEIGH ROBINSON.

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Criminal law: May 2024

The courts consider unlawful arrests for breach of bail conditions, and the relationship between extended joint criminal enterprise and ‘in company’. By THOMAS SPOHR.

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Elder law & succession: May 2024

Recent decisions involving trustee remuneration, protective jurisdiction, disclaimers and family provisions. By DARRYL BROWNE.

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