Beyond the bounds of Uber: implications for Australia

The landmark UK Supreme Court Uber decision and why it’s highly relevant for Australia.

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Requiring the jab? What’s reasonable in Australian workplaces

What is lawful and reasonable when it comes to vaccinations and the workplace?

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Constitutional algebra: Palmer v Western Australia reunites the broken parts of s 92

A fascinating look at the High Court’s ruling on Clive Palmer’s challenge to the WA border closures.

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Penumbral duty no longer ‘an area of obscurity or uncertainty’

NSWCA confirms solicitors do not owe a ‘penumbral duty’ to provide advice beyond the retainer.

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Family law land transfers where one party is self-represented

How to handle the dilemma of unrepresented parties in electronic property settlements.

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Superannuation disability claims: when can a fund’s decision be contested?

The ‘how to’ of contesting a super fund’s rejection of a disability claim.

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How to future-proof your firm with Alternative Fee Arrangements

The final article in the three-part series focuses on alternative fee arrangements and recommendations as to how to implement them.

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Keeping a cool head when dealing with difficult practitioners

An exploration of some of the less inflammatory ways in which we can consider dealing with difficult practitioners.

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Time to dust off the contracts: NSW retirement village laws are changing

Retirement village contracts under review after new laws passed in response to the Greiner Inquiry.

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High Court: April 2021

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. By DR MICHELLE SHARPE.

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