What’s in a name? Modern award changes and new compliance safeguards

An in-depth examination of the hot topic of modern awards and ‘annualised wage arrangements’.  

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Children’s Guardian Act 2019: an historic step to an integrated child safe scheme in NSW

The Children’s Guardian Act 2019, which commences 1 March, brings all the functions of the Children’s Guardian together under one Act.

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High Court rules on admissibility of evidence in animal cruelty case

The High Court has ruled that some (but not all) evidence obtained at a greyhound training facility is admissible despite being obtained improperly.

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Victoria set to allow lawyers to take percentage of class action damages

The Victorian Bill poised to change class actions practice and, arguably, Australian litigation culture.

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Climate Disaster Law: does it hold the key to dealing with bushfires?

With climate change being recognised as an exacerbating factor in the Australian bushfire disaster, ‘Climate Disaster Law’ is now coming to the fore.

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Time is running out: are you taking action on modern slavery?

The deadline for the first Australian Modern Slavery Statements is fast approaching.

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Judicial advice: when it’s best to seek the wisdom of the bench

A guide to when fiduciaries can seek judicial advice and protect themselves from personal liability.

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Land Tax Certificates and termination of contracts for sale of land

The importance of settlement dates for land tax certificates.

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Key changes to the revised Motor Accident Guidelines

Our personal injuries expert takes us through recent changes to the Motor Accident Guidelines.

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High Court: March 2020

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. By DAVID KELSEY-SUGG.

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