Rethinking the presumption of advancement in contemporary Australia

What we can learn from the Canadian approach to the presumption of advancement. By KRASA BOZINOVSKA

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Practical tips for dealing with knowledge and approval of a will

A fundamental requirement for a valid will is that the testator knew and approved its contents. This is part of establishing the testator had the…

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At fault, not at fault, and no-fault liability under the MAI Act

In part five of our series, we take a closer look at some of the liability issues that arise in claims for statutory benefits, specifically…

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The costs of law: a look back at the stand-out cases of 2019

2019 in review: a closer look at the most noteworthy cases in costs.

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2019 Edition of the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land

Important updates on off-the-plan reforms and the 2019 Contract for the Sale and Purchase of land.

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Cyber fraud – be aware and stay alert

Simple steps you can take to protect your law practice from becoming the target of cyber fraud.

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Have a costs query? The Law Society’s Professional Support Unit is here to help

The Law Society Professional Support Unit answers some common costs queries in this practical Q&A. By MADELEINE PORTER

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‘Show me the money’: security for costs in Fair Work class actions

The FCA has held that third party litigation funders can be ordered to pay security for costs directly. By JACK DE FLAMINGH & VANESSA MCGLYNN…

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Expert reports and evidence – the dangers of non-compliance

Two recent decisions highlight the problems that can occur in expert reports or evidence and the attendant risks. By JENNIFER O’BRIEN

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Young Lawyers conference tackles big issues in animal law

A wrap-up of the latest developments and issues in animal law and welfare. By GIULIA PROSPERI-PORTA & TIMOTHY ALLEN

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