The road to reform: key changes in Australia’s sexual harassment laws

The Government response to the [email protected] Report – welcome reforms or a missed opportunity?

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An onerous onus – Displacing the reverse onus of proof

Why Qantas’ reasons for outsourcing during the COVID-19 pandemic don’t measure up.

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Pitfalls in the Legal Profession Uniform Law costs assessment regime

Part one of a two-part article analysing pitfalls in the Legal Profession Uniform Law regime for costs assessment, by CHRISTOPHER BEVAN.

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Deceased estate transfers: risks and tips for navigating a transfer duty minefield

An oversight when transferring dutiable property from a deceased estate can leave a beneficiary exposed to a significant duties notice.

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Multi-disciplinary practices: what are the ethical boundaries?

The Ethics Committee of the Law Society provides an examination of the ethical boundaries involved in ‘one stop shop’ multi-disciplinary practices.

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A client-friendly explanation of the merged Family Court

This newly merged court intends to create a more streamlined approach to litigation and significantly reduce wait times for litigants.

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Managing risks for law firms returning to the office

Transitioning back to the office requires caution and planning.

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Elder law & succession: November 2021

Reporting and analysis of the latest judgments and news in wills & estates and elder law. By DARRYL BROWNE.

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Family law: November 2021

Reporting and analysis of recent family law decisions. By CRAIG NICOL and KELEIGH ROBINSON

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Criminal law: November 2021

Reporting and analysis of the most recent notable decisions of the NSWSC and NSWCCA. By THOMAS SPOHR.

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