New accessorial liability for solicitors under the Sex Discrimination Act and fresh obligations under Conduct Rule 42

Changes to the Sex Discrimination Act have had implications for the recently amended Rule 42 of the Conduct Rules.

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Recent changes to the Conduct Rules: Anti-discrimination and harassment

Changes to the Conduct Rules make clear that solicitors are expected to conduct themselves to a higher standard of conduct than prescribed in any legislation…

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Beware of unfair general security terms when dealing with SMEs

Small businesses should review general security clauses in their standard contracts to avoid findings of unfair, void or unenforceable contracts.

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Ready, steady, NO: tips and traps for beneficiaries wanting to reject an inheritance

A person cannot be compelled to accept a gift of property against their will. A rejection of an inheritance is commonly called a ‘disclaimer’.

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A tale of two Stanfords: blended families and family provision claims

Two unrelated cases of Stanford v Stanford illustrate the intersection of family, succession and arguably elder law in a blended family context.    

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Landholding discretionary trusts and the potential avalanche of stings

Beware of trusts and hidden tax stings.

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A foot in each boat: dangers in acting for more than one party

What dangers arise if a solicitor decides to help by acting for multiple parties? Some guidelines for deciding whether it’s worth the risk…

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High Court: May 2022

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. BY DR MICHELLE SHARPE

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Family law: May 2022

Reporting and analysis of recent family law decisions. By CRAIG NICOL and KELEIGH ROBINSON

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Criminal law: May 2022

Reporting and analysis of the most recent notable decisions of the NSWSC and NSWCCA. By THOMAS SPOHR.

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