Cruising through the Coronavirus: a journey through international law

With cruise ships in international limbo around the world, our expert investigates the tension between States’ rights and the humanitarian needs of passengers and crew.

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Complaints, criticism and general protections

Recent decisions on the application of the general protections provisions of the Fair Work Act.

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The courts and the pandemic: the role and limits of technology

NSW courts have readily embraced technology to continue to deliver justice. However, even in a pandemic, there will be limits to the use of technology.

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Understanding the High Court’s acquittal of Cardinal George Pell

An analysis of the The High Court’s verdict and its implications for the role of appellate courts in reviewing ‘unreasonable’ guilty verdicts.

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Could the ‘Great Writ’ lie to release prisoners at risk from COVID-19?

With prisoners at greater risk than the general population from COVID-19, habeas corpus is considered as a remedy for the release of vulnerable prisoners.

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Homicide and causation: The High Court decision in Swan v The Queen

Mark Tedeschi AM QC discusses the fascinating recent High Court decision that has effectively extended the law of causation in homicide cases.

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Practical guidance on implementing a robust modern slavery program

This six-step compliance program offers guidance to help organisations meet the requirements under the Act and establish a robust modern slavery program.

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Digital records and estate planning

Practical tips for dealing with digital records in estate planning and administration.

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Parenting during a pandemic: best interests of the child remain paramount

With COVID-19 adding an extra complication to the lives of many families, how are families to approach their family law issues during this time ?

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Suspicious circumstances and estate litigation

Part 3 of our series dealing with practical issues that commonly arise in estate litigation – an examination of the suspicious circumstances rule.

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