GoFundMe: The gift that keeps on giving?

A closer look at the complex legal issues raised by crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe.

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Mind your ethics: Tips and tricks for playing by the rules 2020

Let the Law Society’s ethics lawyers guide you through the ethical mind field of legal practice

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The constitutional challenge to end the COVID border closures

Expert analysis of Clive Palmer’s High Court challenge to Western Australia’s border closures in response to coronavirus.

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The case for a new tort of cyber harm

Keeping pace with technology and why we need a new tort specifically for digital privacy breaches.

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The impact of COVID-19 on commercial leasing

Sneakerboy decisions are the first to provide guidance on interpretation of the Code for retail and other commercial leasing agreements in NSW.

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High Court clear as day on “notional” day in the life

High Court provides welcome clarity on the meaning of ‘a day’ for personal leave purposes.

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Telstra ordered to release the identity of prospective copyright infringers

Federal Court uses preliminary discovery mechanism to identity suspected copyright infringers.

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Superannuation nominations for persons lacking capacity

NSWSC considers whether an enduring attorney can make a binding death benefit nomination for a principal.

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The end of dual regulation for migration law practice

The significance of long-awaited reforms, bringing an end to dual regulation of immigration law practice.

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Best practice standards for representing Aboriginal clients

Legal Aid’s helpful guide provides guidance on issues impacting representation of Aboriginal clients.  

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