Toothpaste for the toothless: why stricter rules are not enough for strata misconduct

What can further regulation achieve? The lessons we can learn from the Hayne Royal Commission on strata management reform.

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Asbestos mulch leads to shake-up of environment protection legislation

With some of the most significant changes in three decades, clients may be at risk of falling afoul of an empowered NSW EPA.

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Understanding the new rules for children in sexual offence proceedings

The new provisions are designed to help children give their best evidence and implement an alternative trial format, creating novel challenges for trial lawyers.

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Hoteliers on tilt after NSW Court of Appeal deals losing hand

The Court of Appeal takes a purposive approach to interpreting the complex regulatory scheme governing the pokie trade in clubs and pubs.

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Characterising the public purpose for compulsory acquisitions

The Castle gets a real life sequel as TfNSW steps up compulsory acquisitions for the Western Sydney Airport and it’s associated Aerotropolis.

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Busy bees

Beekeeping can sting you in ways you don’t expect. This case study shows the hidden tax pitfalls of diving into your retirement hobby farm.

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High Court: June 2024

The High Court considers jurisdictional error, materiality and statutory construction in the context of decisions by migration officials. BY DR MICHELLE SHARPE

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Federal Court: June 2024

The Federal Court provides guidance on statutory construction, including to what extent a definition can confer decision-making power. By MICHAEL MORGAN.

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Family law: June 2024

The courts discuss division of property, procedural fairness for third parties to children and international relocation of children. By CRAIG NICOL and KELEIGH ROBINSON.

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Criminal law: June 2024

The courts consider the technicalities of factoring pre-sentence custody into custodial and non-custodial sentences. By THOMAS SPOHR.

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