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  • Take care when preparing change of trustee documents.
  • Consider the landholder duty provisions whenever shares in a company or units in a unit trust are being transferred in landholding entities.

You are sitting in your office tucking into a quick lunch before your next client meeting, when your phone starts buzzing AGAIN. It is 4 o’clock and you have not stopped – 30 June is approaching and you have numerous succession matters that need to be exchanged prior to then. You are starving and skipped lunch yesterday, so you ignore your phone but it keeps buzzing away so you reluctantly answer it.

Your receptionist, Molly, tells you your client, Tom, is on the line and needs to speak with you urgently about a matter you recently completed for him.

Tom has been a good client and is easy going most of the time, so you know he must be worried to be demanding an urgent conversation.

You pick up the line and resign yourself to another hungry afternoon.

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