Finding the silver linings

It’s been a hell of a year, but it’s not all doom and gloom. LSJ sits down with three legal professionals to dissect how COVID-19 has…

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Who is making our laws? The separation of powers in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic response has shone a light on modern lawmaking. It’s raising questions about human rights, parliamentary spending, and public policy.

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Life on the inside

Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin takes LSJ on an exclusive tour inside Silverwater Prison.

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Recession proof? How law firms are weathering COVID-19

As the economy takes a dive, law firms are finding ways to weather a slump in demand for legal services. 

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What works when policing a pandemic?

As COVID-19 has surged around the globe, the only things matching its pace have been countless new laws and regulations being enacted to control it….

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Secret’s out: The truth about Australian privacy law

A string of groundbreaking complaints is shining a light on privacy. Australia is being left behind in the information age.

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Class actions and litigation funding: the new state of play in Australia

In June, Victoria became the first Australian jurisdiction to allow contingency fees in class actions. Experts are split as to what impacts the move will…

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Opinions on high

Media commentary surrounding the Australian High Court appears to have surged in 2020. Controversial decisions such as the Indigenous “aliens” case and overturned Pell conviction…

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Heads in the cloud: the future of law school learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed huge challenges for the university sector, with many law schools struggling to stay afloat as international student numbers drop off…

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How do you really change a workplace culture?

Toxic cultures are still far too common in law firms, but experts advise that prevention is better than cure when it comes to tackling poor…

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