Code red: bushfires spark high legal demand

More than 140 bushfires have ravaged the state so far this summer, leaving a trail of heartbreak and destruction. Putting out the flames is only…

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Phoenix rising: Julia Gillard on life after politics

Australia’s first and only female prime minister reflects on her short-lived legal career and tumultuous time in politics, as she looks to a brighter future…

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ACCESS DENIED: the ‘right-to-know’ Act that was never enacted

LSJ reports on a little-known law collecting dust.

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The slow demise of billable hours

Time sheets or fixed price legal services? Here’s why many firms are making the move away from billable hours.

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‘Awful human mess’: inside our family law system

Australia is facing yet another family law review: but will the latest one spur action for change?

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Going Dutch

With gender equality a burning issue in Australian workplaces, law firms are looking at how countries like The Netherlands make life easier for men wishing…

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A country lawyer at war

James Francis Thomas achieved notoriety as the lawyer who represented Harry “Breaker” Morant in his controversial trial for murder during the Second Boer War. Lawyer…

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Forgotten faces. The legal status of Australia’s missing persons

About 38,000 people are reported missing in Australia every year. Now a new British law is prompting advocates to say it’s time for change.

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To social or not to social?

Many in the profession approach social media with justified trepidation, but those who embrace it are reaping the rewards.

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Raids, outrage and reform: what now for press freedom?

Whistleblowers, sources and confidential information are critical to investigative journalism – but what happens when the law requires they be identified?

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