Strategic justice

New kinds of strategic litigation are empowering forgotten minorities to bring cases for redress before the courts.

Law firms, we have a people problem

In an era when effective people management and entrepreneurship are more integral to success than ever, lawyers are still regarded as lacking. SAM MCKEITH delves…

Building diversity in the legal profession

More law firms are making diversity and inclusion a priority, but success requires establishing a business case, a considered approach, and strong leadership. 

The storm around suppression orders

Suppression orders are intended to keep matters out of the news, but a string of recent events means the orders themselves are making headlines.

Trial by media: our true crime obsession

Australians love true crime. But in the age of citizen journalism and global media coverage, experts have serious concerns over fairness.

Upskill to outrun the pack

Adding non-legal qualifications to your skill set can help you stand out from the pack and future-proof your career.

The burnout profession

Burnout has become a hot topic for professionals in 2019 and millennials are not the only employees at risk. Lawyers of all ages are being…

Beyond the jargon: what does AI mean for lawyers?

The case for Artificial Intelligence in legal practice is no longer science fiction. Every day, all kinds of lawyers are using AI assisted technologies.

Inside our legal aid crisis

Fees for solicitors doing legal aid work have been stagnant for more than 10 years while the number and complexity of cases has increased. It’s…