Lessons in leadership: Rob Scott

The last 12 months have been immensely challenging for all Australians. LSJ looks beyond the legal profession to unearth valuable leadership lessons from those shining…

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Across the ages

Changing your approach to hiring older workers can broaden the talent pool, boost productivity and facilitate specialist expertise.

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Admitting the difference: New lawyers set to shape NSW

The legal profession is more diverse than it has ever been. Our newest lawyers are chasing goals so big they could change the way we…

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The barbed-wire law school

LSJ collates stories from a unique “law school” founded and operated by Australian lawyers inside the Kuching Prisoner of War camp.

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Sharpening soft skills

Embracing human qualities is an increasingly valuable asset in the legal profession and here’s how to hone soft skills in your practice.  

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Disaster plan: How lawyers can act faster and respond better

Demand for free legal advice soared after the catastrophic bushfires of Australia’s 2019/20 Black Summer. One year on, lawyers are preparing to work in an…

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Great expectations, deflated outcomes: the reality for law graduates during COVID-19

COVID-19 has dramatically affected the graduate experience for young lawyers, but what does it mean for their future?

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The must-have legal technology tools for 2021

While the skills and knowledge of lawyers remain key to success for law firms across the country, the role of technology in the legal profession continues…

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Judgment day: Why our two new High Court justices didn’t turn heads

Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to the US Supreme Court made global headlines. Across the Pacific, the elevation of a new justice to Australia’s highest court…

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How to build a great law firm culture

The key to the success of many law firms can often be found in their organisational culture. But building great culture inside firms is a tricky business,…

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