Greenwashing: A new climate change risk for lawyers

Extreme weather is creating new challenges for Australian businesses. Will the legal profession need to prioritise climate-conscious lawyering?

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The state of the profession 2021

The 2020 National Profile of Solicitors has been published and reveals insights into the growth and demographics of solicitors across Australia. 

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From the Heart: enshrining constitutional recognition

In 2017, the Uluru Statement from the Heart urged non-Indigenous Australians “to walk with” Indigenous Australians for Voice, Treaty and Truth. Four years on from…

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Deadly Diversions

Care not cages: Deadly Connections is a community-led program showing Indigenous kids a future beyond bars.

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Can you ask that? Real talk with Indigenous lawyers

Equity is well and good, in theory. But how far is the legal profession from really achieving equitable outcomes for First Nations Australians? We ask…

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Lessons in leadership: Rob Scott

The last 12 months have been immensely challenging for all Australians. LSJ looks beyond the legal profession to unearth valuable leadership lessons from those shining…

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Across the ages

Changing your approach to hiring older workers can broaden the talent pool, boost productivity and facilitate specialist expertise.

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Admitting the difference: New lawyers set to shape NSW

The legal profession is more diverse than it has ever been. Our newest lawyers are chasing goals so big they could change the way we…

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The barbed-wire law school

LSJ collates stories from a unique “law school” founded and operated by Australian lawyers inside the Kuching Prisoner of War camp.

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Sharpening soft skills

Embracing human qualities is an increasingly valuable asset in the legal profession and here’s how to hone soft skills in your practice.  

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