Riding the wave of change

The legal profession has experienced a lot of ups and downs since the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s a mixture of camaraderie and concern as the…

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All out to sea

Many of the most severe restrictions imposed in the COVID-19 pandemic relate to overseas arrivals and border control. Currently, the most fatal cluster of cases…

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Spotlight on religious discrimination

Australian human rights law depends heavily on the protections provided in anti-discrimination legislation. But what happens if that law is turned on its head?

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Virtually employed: The birth of online work experience

More law firms are rolling out virtual internships as a way to attract top talent and reach students from diverse communities.

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A difficult marriage

As Sydney celebrates Mardi Gras, we speak to four LGBTQI lawyers about their experiences within the legal profession.

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How old is old enough to be a criminal?

Every year, hundreds of children younger than 13 sit inside Australian juvenile detention centres. They aren’t old enough to drive a car. Yet the justice…

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North Korea: a human rights disaster lost in the dark

Two North Korean defectors shine light on the dark state of affairs in their country.

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Code red: bushfires spark high legal demand

More than 140 bushfires have ravaged the state so far this summer, leaving a trail of heartbreak and destruction. Putting out the flames is only…

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Phoenix rising: Julia Gillard on life after politics

Australia’s first and only female prime minister reflects on her short-lived legal career and tumultuous time in politics, as she looks to a brighter future…

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ACCESS DENIED: the ‘right-to-know’ Act that was never enacted

LSJ reports on a little-known law collecting dust.

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