What happens to your data when you die?

Tech platforms such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Instagram and Twitter differ when determining what happens to your data when you die. The intersection between these…

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Lunch with Courtney Bowie

Courtney Bowie, founder and CEO of Her Lawyer, is doing her part to create a world where law firms care more about tackling gender discrimination,…

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Destination office

Hybrid work is here to stay. So, what physical changes should firms make to offices to realise its full potential?

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Balancing act: The tension between open justice and child protection

Open justice is crucial to maintaining community confidence in courts and the administration of justice, but it is not an absolute principle. Intense public interest…

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Anti-doping in sport: a law unto itself?

Is doping in sport a law unto itself?

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Introducing LSJ Media

The Law Society Journal you’ve loved since 1963, reimagined for an evolving legal profession.

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A question of consent

While new legislative reforms in NSW hope to change the experience of survivors in the criminal justice system, community attitudes have a long way to…

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Staying put

High staff turnover is a big problem for many firms, and the emergence of The Great Resignation is set to make it even more challenging.

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Navigating the murky waters of mandatory vaccination

As COVID-19 vaccinations become mandatory in a number of workplaces, employment lawyers are being swamped with enquiries from individuals and businesses wanting to know where…

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Sign of the times

NSW may be newly liberated from COVID-19 lockdowns, but we have never been under such pervasive surveillance.

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