Lonely at the top

At least two respected Australian judges have passed in tragic circumstances in recent years. The deaths of Victorian Magistrate Stephen Myall in March 2018, and…

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Damage control: does the corruption watchdog go too far?

Headline-grabbing and career-ending: for more than 30 years the NSW Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) has claimed the scalps of some of the state’s most…

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Who will foot the bill for bungled hotel quarantine?

A Sydney law firm recently launched a class action to recover losses from the Victorian government.

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PR vs legal: who should take over in a crisis?

Who wins the eternal battle between PR and legal in crisis comms?

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We need to address the shame culture of sexual harassment

The legal profession has been calling “time’s up” on sexual harassment at work for many years; human rights barrister KATE EASTMAN SC has made a…

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A legal firestorm

Comedian Celeste Barber found out the hard way that charity law is more complex than most assume.

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A line in the sand: why the fight over Bondi was about more than beaches

When beaches closed and re-opened for “locals only” amid COVID-19, the debate became about more than sand.

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Morality versus legality in a global pandemic

The tension between morality and legality has existed throughout history. Now at an all time high due to COVID-19, how do we navigate forward?

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