A line in the sand: why the fight over Bondi was about more than beaches

When beaches closed and re-opened for “locals only” amid COVID-19, the debate became about more than sand.

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Morality versus legality in a global pandemic

The tension between morality and legality has existed throughout history. Now at an all time high due to COVID-19, how do we navigate forward?

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Restructure required to bridge the gender gap

President of WLANSW argues that law firms and leaders need to rethink working structures in order to realise genuine action for women.

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The law and society’s moral conscience

THE HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE TOM BATHURST AC reflects on the intersection between law and moral values.

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Online justice: The way of the future?

For many people across the world, it is easier to find an internet connection than a lawyer. Could online courts revolutionise justice in 2020? Or…

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A new era for education

The skills lawyers need are evolving as our world grows more technical. So legal education must also change.

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Making our targets sweat

The Hon GABRIELLE UPTON MP was NSW’s first female Attorney General and held the portfolio from 2015-17. She argues that we owe it to the…

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The right medicine

Could treating impulsivity in repeat violent offenders be part of the solution to violent crime in Australia?

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