Is Australia next in line for an opioid class action?

The US opioid epidemic has been described as the worst drug crisis in American history. Is Australia at risk of a similar disaster?

Year 101: What next for women in law?

It is 101 years since Australian women won the right to practise law in NSW, but barriers to gender equality remain.

Who’s judging the judges?

At the annual Opening of Law Term Dinner in Sydney on 30 January, His Honour Tom Bathurst SC ruminated on the state of judicial accountability.

‘Lawyers are expected to tolerate sexual harassment or pay the price’

Australian lawyers report high rates of sexual harassment. It is ironic in a profession that is supposed to know the law best.

For the love of animals

Australia has the chance to join a growing number of nations including China, the UK and France, which are closing legal loopholes that allow domestic…

The most reviled of crimes

Sex offenders are arguably the most loathed members of society, but much of what we think we know about them is wrong.

Why NSW needs a specialist Coroners Court

Former Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon argues that it’s time for an overhaul of how NSW investigates and reports on sudden or unexplained deaths.

‘There are too many SH*TTY loopholes’

Almost one in five Australian women will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime but less than one per cent of those crimes…

The rise of the tracksuit economy

Lawyers were once notorious for spending long hours at their desks compared to other professionals. But a new generation is revolting against this culture of…