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LSJ Media is the home of content for Australia’s legal professionals. We publish the latest news, views and legal updates across print, digital, and audio-visual platforms.

LSJ Media is available to hold in your hands, in your ears or on your preferred device.

  • Quarterly print Law Society Journal
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Since 1963, the Law Society Journal has been a vital source of legal knowledge for Australian solicitors. Our first Editor Roger Atkins said the publication “will not only serve to give light within the profession but will also provide reflections to lessen the darkness outside”.

We bring together the innovation of a digital-first approach while paying tribute to the Law Society’s 180-year history with a premium quarterly print publication that will command pride of place on bookshelves for years to come. Read more about LSJ Media here.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team of award-winning journalists, editors and designers publish LSJ Media in-house at the Law Society of NSW.

Managing Editor – Amy Dale

Creative Director – Alys Martin

Associate Editor – Karl Hoerr

Legal Editor – Jacquie Mancy

Content Specialist – Francisco Silva

Content Specialist – Wendy Yang

Content Specialist– Henry Ea

Commercial Partnerships Manager– Jessica Lupton

Director of Membership and Engagement – Claire Chaffey

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