About us

LSJ is Australia’s leading publication for legal professionals. We publish the latest news, views and current affairs relevant to Australian legal professionals, as well as case notes and legal updates from Australia’s finest legal minds.

Our magazine, and its crack team of writers, have won multiple publishing industry awards. LSJ has been named Australia’s Member Magazine of the Year at the prestigious Mumbrella Publish Awards in 2014, 2017 and 2018.

You may know us by our former name – the Law Society Journal. We were first published in 1963 by the Law Society of New South Wales and in 2018 we migrated to a digital format at lsj.com.au. Our magazine is still distributed to more than 28,000 members of the Law Society each month. It is still a vital source of legal knowledge for Australian solicitors.

LSJ’s content is a unique cocktail of:

  • legal analysis from Australia’s top legal minds
  • fearless features on the hot issues within the profession
  • insights and advice on careers, health, technology, practice management, business development and more
  • articles to inspire, guide and revive
  • exclusive videos and podcasts

For the first time ever, we now bring you our award-winning content in digital form. Lsj.com.au represents the next phase in LSJ‘s long and prestigious life cycle, transforming our content into searchable, shareable and mobile-responsive knowledge you can’t afford to miss.

Meet the team

A dedicated team of award-winning journalists, editors and designers publish LSJ in-house at the Law Society of NSW.

Managing Editor – Claire Chaffey

Online Editor – Kate Allman

Journalist – Amy Dale

Legal Editor – Klara Major

Assistant Legal Editor – Jacquie Mancy-Stuhl

Art Director – Andy Raubinger

Graphic Designer – Alys Martin

Photographer – Jason McCormack

Advertising Sales Account Manager – Jessica Lupton

Editorial enquiries [email protected]

Advertising enquiries [email protected] or 02 9926 0290

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