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The Law Society Journal you've loved since 1963, reimagined for an evolving legal profession.


The Law Society of NSW is delighted to unveil LSJ Media.

A new brand bringing together the innovation of a digital-first approach, while paying tribute to the legacy of the Law Society’s 180-year history with a premium quarterly print publication that will command pride of place on bookshelves for years to come.

Expanded digital content

LSJ Media will deliver a suite of new publications available to hold in your hands, in your ears or on your preferred device.

As part of the Law Society’s digital-first approach, we will be expanding our podcast and video content, including monthly episodes of LSJ’s Just Chat podcast and a new episode of Lawfully Explained, our show in partnership with LiSTNR, every week. 

A new suite of regular digital EDMs will also be delivered straight to your inbox, providing core content only the Law Society of NSW can deliver. This includes Legal Updates, a quarterly e-publication from the Professional Standards Unit and Policy and Advocacy news. There will also be quarterly digital updates in the health and wellbeing and career spaces.

Want more longform content? We will be publishing new digital ebooks, including Legal Updates and mindset content, which can be enjoyed on your favourite device, or printed and filed in a binder with a customised cover.

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A message from the CEO

LSJ is – and has been for many years – an important part of practice for our members. We strive to ensure we are bringing critical information about changes to the law and trends within the legal profession to our members in an accessible, engaging way. That is why our new offering is so exciting.

We have worked hard to understand the needs of our members, including the content that is critical to them and how they like to absorb it. The new offering under LSJ Media is diverse, agile and comprehensive. We will have content that spans print, digital, and audio-visual so we are catering to the myriad preferences of our diverse membership. While this does represent a change we will actually be delivering more content to you across both digital and print platforms, and will be creating even more core content that only the Law Society can deliver.

Our Legal Updates and Case Notes, for example, will be delivered to you once a month – and more frequently if required – direct to your inbox, with options to print or file in soft copy from your office. These will be timelier, with digital giving us time to produce more content to be distributed to you more quickly. Our new Professional Standards and Policy e-publications will tap into the Law Society’s experts to bring you greater insights into the important co-regulatory role of the Law Society, and greater assistance to help you thrive in practice.

Finally, the print edition of the new-look Law Society Journal will bring you food for thought and unlock the insights and views of those leading the way in the profession and beyond.

This is the first step in our journey to creating a highly tailored and customised experience for our members. I hope you enjoy it.

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LSJ weekly news

E-NEWSLETTER- Delivered to your inbox each Friday lunchtime

During a period of great change for the profession, more readers turned to than ever before.  Our October 2021 article on mandatory vaccination in the workplace is our highest rating story on to date, and we continue to enjoy increased engagement across all areas of the site.

We are proud to announce an enhanced LSJ Online, making your one stop shop for the NSW’s breaking legal news and analysis, with a weekly wrap-up email every Friday of the news you need to know now, beginning from March 11.  This weekly newsletter will replace the current monthly LSJ newsletter, and reflects the
increased volume of stories and website traffic.

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The Law Society Journal

Quarterly magazine. launching July 2022

Since August 2021, LSJ has been available in digital format only. The decision to suspend the print editions came as NSW entered lockdown during the Delta wave of COVID-19. As the state transitions to a new stage of living with the pandemic, the profession is crafting its new future, not returning to the way things used to be. LSJ Media embraces the old and the new, legacy and innovation, digital and print. At the centre of this is a completely re-imagined quarterly print magazine, the Law Society Journal, which will be relaunched on 1 July 2022.

The Law Society Journal is a return to LSJ’s former name and these four iconic editions a year will replace our current 11 issues per annum. 

It will have an expanded page count and new sections including legal essays from renowned thought-leaders, comprehensive coverage from the regions and  fresh content on the arts and culture.

The feedback we received from readers regarding the digital magazine has shaped our approach. For  members who love a print product, much of this appreciation comes from the ability to enjoy lengthy articles away from the screen. The Law Society Journal will include longer pieces of investigative journalism and more substantive profiles compared to our current “Six Minutes with” style.

Each edition of the Law Society Journal will be themed: discussing and exploring ideas such as leadership, sustainability and resetting the profession in a so far turbulent decade.

Our first edition of the re-launched Law Society Journal is The Full 180. The Law Society of NSW celebrates turning 180 years young this year. From a meeting of 14 foundation members to a robust member organisation, representing more than 37,000 solicitors. What lessons from history can shape our post-pandemic future and how can the profession lead the way? Join us on July 1 to find out. 

The magazine will feature:

  • Essays from leaders in the profession
  • Evolved profiles of leading law makers
  • Investigations and features from our experienced journalists
  • Ground-breaking thought leadership
  • Technology news section
  • A new arts and culture section
  • Comprehensive coverage from regional NSW
  • Deep dives into law reform and advocacy
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Regular email updates

  • The LSJ Legal Update – Agile and responsive to legislative change and landmark decisions
  • Professional Standards – An educational newsletter to help members maintain professional standards
  • The LSJ Career Report – Tailored to students and early career lawyers with tips and hacks for a happy and lasting role in the law
  • Being well in the law – Building on the Law Society’s popular Staying Well in the Law series with evidence-based health content
  • Policy and advocacy matters – Bringing you the latest in what the Law Society’s committees are advocating