The Last Woman in the World

The question of whether to include pandemics as a character in 2022 works of fiction is presently plaguing (sorry) publishing circles.

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Case Study

The Scottish author always likes to play a game with his readers – and even if you’ve read each of his previous three books, you…

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Posthumous publication of literary works can be a form of farewell to someone admired, a closure.

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I Shot the Devil

I Shot the Devil has all the makings of a classic hard-boiled crime novel, but with a dark sinister twist.

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How to End a Story: Diaries 1995-1998

Ending a story hurts; but the fear and madness resulting from being gaslighted into it can be a lot worse.

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The Kitchen Front

A heartfelt work of fiction, The Kitchen Front transports you to the English countryside amid the harrowing backdrop of World War II.

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Well Hello

Fans of the hit podcast Chat 10 Looks 3 by powerhouse duo Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb will delight in their first co-authored book, which…

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The Magician

This imaginative work of fiction sweeps across decades, timestamped to alert to a new date and place in German writer Thomas Mann’s career and his…

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After Story

Who is the most reliable teller of your story and history? Is it you, those who’ve loved and protected you, or those who’ve had to…

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Whilst those emerging from 100-plus days of lockdown in Greater Sydney might be tempted to toss about the phrase “winter of discontent”, this gritty series…

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