Cybercrime and mental health greatest threats to small firms

Experts say cyber criminals are attacking small law firms and taking advantage of their vulnerabilities, as lawyers increasingly shift their practices online during the pandemic.

By - 3 min read

Who is making our laws? The separation of powers in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic response has shone a light on modern lawmaking. It’s raising questions about human rights, parliamentary spending, and public policy.

By - 7 min read

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LEAP awarded for work from home innovations

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Modern chambers for the modern lawyer

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Advice for leaders to motivate themselves and their teams

Advice for leaders to motivate themselves and their teams.

By - 2 min read

Dancing through culture and change

Keerthi Ravi never used to tell her friends what she got up to after school. Looking back, however she is incredibly proud of her achievements. 

By - 4 min read

Film review: Mank

Mank is fan service of the highest quality, made for film lovers. But does this make it a great film?

By - 3 min read

Creative defences for villains

Top defence lawyers frequently get their clients off hefty charges – let’s not forget OJ Simpson. But what about defences for fictional villains? Would they…

By - 2 min read