Damage control: does the corruption watchdog go too far?

Headline-grabbing and career-ending: for more than 30 years the NSW Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) has claimed the scalps of some of the state’s most…

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Is it time to embrace automated decision-making?

Smart wills, intelligent sentencing, and automated due diligence are only the beginning of what artificial intelligence can do to improve legal practice.

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The constitutional challenge to end the COVID border closures

Expert analysis of Clive Palmer’s High Court challenge to Western Australia’s border closures in response to coronavirus.

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“Passive aggressive”. What does that mean and how do I respond to it?

“Passive aggressive”. What does that mean and how do I respond to it?

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A sporty fling took this lawyer around the world

Amanda Fung is a talented athlete who has represented her country and competed around the world, but she tells us a lot of people have…

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Film review: The trial of the Chicago 7

Aaron Sorkin, the constant idealist, finds the perfect film to make his style more topical than ever before.

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Positively Positive

When it comes to dealing with uncertainty and chaos, staying positive is key.

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