‘The stress is chronic, widespread and recurring’: Expert warns of enduring impacts of lockdowns

A leading mental health researcher has warned lawyers that psychological injuries sustained during the pandemic will endure beyond lockdown.

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The case that changed me – Paul Baker

Paul Baker is Managing Director and founder of Meridian Lawyers. With more than 30 years’ experience as an insurance and commercial lawyer, Baker has been…

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Starting a new job remotely

For lawyers settled into their career journey, there can be many perks to working from home. But what about the graduates who were just getting…

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A giant career

GWS Giants netball star Tilly McDonell might wear a defender’s bib on the court – but that isn’t holding her back from attacking a law…

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Can a stressful job give you a heart attack?

Some stress at work is normal but too much can be dangerous for your heart.

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Modern sanctuary in an ancient world

Lovers of luxury can now explore Japan’s most sacred landscapes in style

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