Twelve days of legal Christmas – a gift guide for the modern lawyer

Struggling for ideas on what to gift your lawyer this year? We have devised the perfect gift guide for bosses, employees and colleagues alike.

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The case that changed me – Andrew Tiedt

As a solicitor, representing a client in front of a jury for the first time can be intimidating. Criminal lawyer Andrew Tiedt, Director of Criminal…

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Risky business: super case heats up climate debate

ILONA MILLAR & SHARONA COUTTS examine how regulators, corporations and individuals are starting to see climate change as a matter of financial risk management.

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Survival tips for your upcoming Christmas lunch

Is this the time you dread most? The team Christmas lunch is just around the corner and you don’t want to go, but you know…

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No run-of-the-mill career

Jen Brown was working in private practice when she took up running. Step by step, she ended up on a path she never could have…

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Wind down at the edge of the earth

It’s a rookie error to overlook Portugal when planning a European holiday. The southern Algarve coast boasts food, wine, sunshine and views to rival the…

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Are you a victim of completion bias?

Ticking off your to-do list feels really good but the drive to finish a task can undermine your wellbeing and productivity.

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