Alabama ruling on frozen embryos has worrying implications for IVF

Alabama ruling frozen embryos are equivalent to living children has worrying implications for IVF, could this mean anyone who destroys a frozen embryo in Alabama…

By - 4 min read

Aboriginal customary law, intestacy, and the challenges of justice

More than a decade after NSW amended intestacy legislation to allow Indigenous customary law to be used where the deceased died intestate, a grey zone…

By - 7 min read

Family Law Act reforms: An important moment for ICLs

Changes to the Family Law Act will come into effect on 5 May 2024. There’s a new mandatory requirement for independent children’s lawyers to meet…

By - 7 min read

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What to expect in the home loan market

Here’s what lawyers need to know about the housing market this year. Read more

Sending money overseas for clients?

Save time and money with an Australian, non-bank foreign exchange specialist Read more

‘Expecting the unexpected’: NobleOak’s new eBook

NobleOak’s new eBook sheds light on how you can help protect your loved ones during unexpected times. Read more

A quick quiz on courtesy

See if you can get full marks by correctly identifying what is discourteous.

By - 1 min read

Film of the week: Dune 2

A sequel for the fans that is as epic, grandiose, and bloated as promised.

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