The court list keeping Indigenous families together

A new campaign is underway to recruit more lawyers for pro bono work in a court list that keeps Indigenous children out of the care…

By - 3 min read

The case that changed me – Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels has been a solicitor for Legal Aid since 2015, specialising in youth justice. He has worked in a number of areas including civil…

By - 2 min read

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A splendid mix

Lawyer James Stewart says there’s nothing better than a classic dry gin, with good quality tonic and a hint of citrus. He tells us how his…

By - 4 min read

When people aren’t prepared to call out the big things like harassment and bullying

Why is it so easy to call people out on small things – like where to save a document – and not be prepared to…

By - 2 min read

Film review: The Translators

Stripping the story down to its basics plays to the advantage of this entertaining and murderless whodunnit.

By - 2 min read

Emmys edition: legal advice for TV characters

The all-important legal advice for characters from Emmy-nominated TV shows.

By - 2 min read