Gala honours female trailblazers

Hundreds of solicitors gathered at NSW Parliament on 26 November to mark the centenary of a change to the law to allow women in NSW…

The burden of unconscious bias

The diversity of Australian law firms doesn’t reflect that of our society. We need to improve diversity at all levels – not just in terms…

Whistleblowing: is it worth the risk under Australian law?

Parliament has determined whistleblowers need additional protection. However, the proposed Bill provides only limited protection of disclosures to third parties. By GRANT HANSEN.

Managing our scarce water resources: developments in the Murray-Darling

Analysis of the latest legal and policy developments in the Murray-Darling Basin ahead of the much anticipated Royal Commission report. By EMMA CARMODY.

Making waves

A crew of young professionals is making bodysurfing popular again and Dunstan de Souza,  former Managing Partner of Colin Biggers and Paisley, is helping to…

Abortion law reform: why it’s time we caught up

Safe and affordable access to abortion services is not as readily available across Australia as might reasonably be expected. By ANASTASIA KRIVENKOVA.

Boss or leader: is there really a difference?

The key to good leadership is that, as well as being likeable, leaders aren’t afraid to make hard calls. However, not all bosses are leaders.

Making a splash

England’s Hotel of the Year, The Gainsborough Bath Spa, offers private access to thermal waters.

City guide – San Diego

Fly to the US from Australia and you will probably have to stop over in Los Angeles. While some find the city’s traffic-swamped urban sprawl…