Wills and estates: March 2019

Reporting and analysis of the latest judgments and news in wills & estates and elder law. By DARRYL BROWNE.

Family law: March 2019

Reporting and analysis of recent family law decisions. By ROBERT GLADE-WRIGHT.

Criminal law: March 2019

Reporting and analysis of the most recent notable decisions of the NSWSC and NSWCCA. By THOMAS SPOHR.

Haynesplaining: lessons for litigators from the Banking Royal Commission

In the Banking Royal Commission report, Commissioner Hayne discusses ASIC’s role and how litigation is to be used in relation to enforcement. By MICHAEL LEGG.

Contingency and succession planning: a sole principal’s plan for the unexpected

The first in a series of practical articles designed to assist smaller firms and sole practitioners with their practice management. By FRANCES MOFFITT

‘Going dark’: unprecedented government measures to access encrypted data

Arthur Kopsias APM examines the new laws giving law enforcement and security agencies greater powers to access your encrypted data.

Protecting your clients from stalking & abuse in the digital age

Technology-facilitated stalking and abuse is a very real problem and so too is the harm it causes. HELEN CAMPBELL examines the remedies now available.

Constitutional aspects of the NSW costs assessment system

MICHELLE CASTLE considers the question of whether a NSW costs assessor can determine matters between residents of different states and the Constitutional issues at play.

Legal internships in NSW: experience or exploitation?

The Law Society’s Employment Law Committee outlines the legal framework of internships to assist employers in meeting their rights and responsibilities.

Aftermath of the casual conundrum: ‘double-dipping’ and class actions

Government has moved to limit the fall-out from the Full Federal Court’s decision on casual workers in WorkPac v Skene.  Meanwhile, class actions momentum is building. …