Cracking cold cases. Is it in our genes?

After a high-profile cold case was solved in the US by matching DNA on a public genealogy website, excitement grew for the potential of ancestry…

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A profession for the wealthy? The enduring problem for diversity in law

It is said that those who come to equity must come with clean hands. But what of those who come to the law with empty…

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Courting alternatives

We ask whether schemes that divert offenders from prison are the pathway to a healthier and safer community. 

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Is it time to embrace automated decision-making?

Smart wills, intelligent sentencing, and automated due diligence are only the beginning of what artificial intelligence can do to improve legal practice.

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Shaken to its foundations: The Family Court bombings

The Family Court of Australia was in its childhood years when Leonard John Warwick unleashed a five-year reign of terror. Judges and their families were…

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The long haul

It is becoming increasingly clear that the pandemic we all hoped would be done and dusted by now is still in it’s early stages. So…

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Criminalising coercion

Domestic violence laws deal with physical abuse – but what about unseen manipulation and control?

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Breaking down barriers: Will our courts ever be colour-blind?

Whether it’s First Australians or those more recently arrived on our shores, persons of colour face a multitude of barriers in accessing justice. As recent…

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The high cost of growing old

Older Australians remain at the highest risk of developing and dying from COVID-19. Sweeping government restrictions were introduced to protect the lives of our most…

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The lure of the law: should catfishing be a crime?

Is it time to criminalise catfishing?

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