Is it time to embrace automated decision-making?

Smart wills, intelligent sentencing, and automated due diligence are only the beginning of what artificial intelligence can do to improve legal practice.

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Shaken to its foundations: The Family Court bombings

The Family Court of Australia was in its childhood years when Leonard John Warwick unleashed a five-year reign of terror. Judges and their families were…

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The long haul

It is becoming increasingly clear that the pandemic we all hoped would be done and dusted by now is still in it’s early stages. So…

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Criminalising coercion

Domestic violence laws deal with physical abuse – but what about unseen manipulation and control?

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Breaking down barriers: Will our courts ever be colour-blind?

Whether it’s First Australians or those more recently arrived on our shores, persons of colour face a multitude of barriers in accessing justice. As recent…

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The high cost of growing old

Older Australians remain at the highest risk of developing and dying from COVID-19. Sweeping government restrictions were introduced to protect the lives of our most…

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The lure of the law: should catfishing be a crime?

Is it time to criminalise catfishing?

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Police state or safety net? How NSW entered a sinister ‘new normal’

Never before have Australians seen laws that limit freedom and civil liberties to the extent the new COVID-19 social distancing measures do. The restrictions have…

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A light in the darkest moments

After a summer of bushfire devastation and years of drought, regional lawyers are caring for clients who’ve lost everything.

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Toeing the (on)line in defamation law reform

Australia’s defamation laws were written in 2005, when today’s newspaper was tomorrow’s fish-and-chip wrapper. They went out of date almost immediately, so where do we…

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