The ‘hidden crime’: slavery in Australia in 2019

It’s the crime we look at but don’t see: here’s what slavery looks like in Australia in 2019.

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Tea with a trailblazer

LSJ’s Kate Allman scores an exclusive interview with former Court of Appeal President Margaret Beazley.

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The hidden workplace hazard

What’s next after #MeToo for lawyers? Experts say bullying could be the most dangerous workplace hazard.

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Taking on the trauma

A court reporter suffering vicarious trauma has successfully sued her employer. Will the case set a precedent for lawyers at risk?

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Building diversity in the legal profession

More law firms are making diversity and inclusion a priority, but success requires establishing a business case, a considered approach, and strong leadership. 

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The storm around suppression orders

Suppression orders are intended to keep matters out of the news, but a string of recent events means the orders themselves are making headlines.

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The burnout profession

Burnout has become a hot topic for professionals in 2019 and millennials are not the only employees at risk. Lawyers of all ages are being…

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Ethical dilemmas and the Royal Commission

For members of a profession in which ethical obligations are paramount, the Banking Royal Commission has brought up some tough questions, especially for in-house legal…

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Meet the Innovators

LSJ speaks to eight trailblazing lawyers who are leaning into the future with fresh ideas and fire in the belly. They are doers, thinkers and…

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#TimesUp for the legal profession

These are the stories the legal profession can no longer ignore.

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