The top 5 trends of future legal practice

The Law Society’s Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession (FLIP) conference saw more than 400 lawyers attend to hear local and international experts…

Better days ahead

Lawyers are more likely to have anxiety, depression and other mental health issues than the general population.

One too many

When you think of an “alcoholic”, you probably don’t picture a lawyer in an expensive suit fronting up to court. Yet studies have shown lawyers…

Mum’s the word: the unspoken truth about maternity leave

Many law firms pay lip-service to paid parental leave and flexible work policies for new parents returning to work.  But the hushed reality is that…

Bloody terrifying: the modern law graduate experience

Graduate lawyers are being forced to sink or swim – sometimes with devastating consequences.

Circuit breakers: How justice reinvestment is reshaping Bourke

Bourke residents tackle problems in the town as they arise, rather than wait for them to grow. The idea is to intervene early and get…

Emojis under the spotlight

Emojis are entering court cases more and more – but are Australian courts are properly equipped to interpret them?

An age-old issue

One of the most common but least talked about forms of discrimination has enormous costs for society as well as the targeted individuals.

Pioneers and pariahs: a century of women in law

This year marks 100 years since the law was amended to allow women to practise as lawyers.

Animal instincts

Animals are becoming an increasingly important part of a healthy justice system.