Police state or safety net? How NSW entered a sinister ‘new normal’

Never before have Australians seen laws that limit freedom and civil liberties to the extent the new COVID-19 social distancing measures do. The restrictions have…

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A light in the darkest moments

After a summer of bushfire devastation and years of drought, regional lawyers are caring for clients who’ve lost everything.

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Toeing the (on)line in defamation law reform

Australia’s defamation laws were written in 2005, when today’s newspaper was tomorrow’s fish-and-chip wrapper. They went out of date almost immediately, so where do we…

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The final frontier: sustainability in outer space

It’s been more than 50 years since “one small step”, and a new legal frontier is looming in outer space.

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Code red: bushfires spark high legal demand

More than 140 bushfires have ravaged the state so far this summer, leaving a trail of heartbreak and destruction. Putting out the flames is only…

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No diversity without disability

Read the success stories of three lawyers with disabilities; including a Paralympian, a fashion designer and a former Chair of a UN Committee.

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Where there’s a will (there’s a legal dispute)

If high-profile estate cases can teach us anything, it’s that where there’s a will, there is often a day in court. 

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Forgotten faces. The legal status of Australia’s missing persons

About 38,000 people are reported missing in Australia every year. Now a new British law is prompting advocates to say it’s time for change.

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The ‘hidden crime’: slavery in Australia in 2019

It’s the crime we look at but don’t see: here’s what slavery looks like in Australia in 2019.

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Tea with a trailblazer

LSJ’s Kate Allman scores an exclusive interview with former Court of Appeal President Margaret Beazley.

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