From breakout star to ‘breakthrough lawyer’

Nick Abrahams’ career has spanned law and the bright lights of Hollywood

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Futureproofing your legal career: Law Society 2023 Conference

Futureproofing your legal career will be a key focus at the Law Society of NSW’s Annual Conference on 5 and 6 October. LSJ offers a…

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Do you need a personal assistant for your life?

Struggling to keep a household running on top of a busy career is a common conundrum for many lawyers

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How to manage a media frenzy

When the media wants to turn your client into their top story, how should you handle it?

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Can a good dose of kindness heal the legal workplace?

Kindness in the healthcare workplace is good for both workers and patients, research shows. And these practices can apply to the legal profession.

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How do we teach Conduct Rules to ChatGPT?

Let’s take just one conduct rule and think about what AI needs to be fed, to enable compliance.

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Professional ethics: back to basics

With the return to work in a new year and the commencement of the Law Term for 2023, it is perhaps timely to review the…

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Micro-accommodations, to fight micro-aggressions

Employers, managers and co-workers need to  provide small but meaningful accommodations to individual employees to help them thrive at work.

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How to work with media: a guide for lawyers

How to work with media – tips to make it work if you want your name in print or on air. Be clear about why…

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4 quick tips to curb the doomscrolling

It’s natural to want to understand dramatic events unfolding around you, but becoming absorbed in bad news for too long can be detrimental.

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