Sitting pretty in the workplace

For those of you slaving away at your (non-standing) desks all day, what can you do to develop better sitting habits? Don’t slump now –…

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Reputation vs credibility

While reputation is shallow and fragile, credibility can be transformative. Building it, however, requires honesty, authenticity and vulnerability.

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How to work with high-conflict personalities

Law firms are magnets for high-conflict personalities. Megan Hunter has these tips for lawyers managing difficult clients and colleagues.

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Can you speak the new language of leadership?

Leadership tips from executive coach Wendy Born, who says small changes in management style can improve how you connect with all people at work.

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The truth about ‘management science’

The belief that the art of managing people can be reduced to science has unravelled in the new book, “Lab Rats: Why Modern Work Makes…

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Want success? Embrace change

Change is difficult and ambiguous, but necessary for professional survival and leadership.

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What tone should I be using in professional emails?

What tone should you be using in professional emails?

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The top 5 trends of future legal practice

The Law Society’s Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession (FLIP) conference saw more than 400 lawyers attend to hear local and international experts…

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