Legal professional privilege and communicating with clients

A string of recent cases in the District and Supreme Courts of NSW highlight the importance of legal professional privilege.

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Paperless practice 3: Marshalling documentary evidence without paper

Electronically stored information is valuable documentary evidence because of its content, and it is marshalled in a variety of formats.

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‘Without Fear or Favour’: ALRC report on judicial impartiality

The ALRC report on judicial impartiality has recently been released. It makes sweeping and structural recommendations.  

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Preparing expert evidence: ‘Render unto the expert the things that are the expert’s’

Lawyers should avoid interfering with the preparation of expert reports otherwise the report may be rejected as well as any oral evidence given under cross-examination.

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Less-paper practice: Paperless affidavits and expert reports

After 12 years of using less paper, I have identified several reliable rules. Allow people to work with paper without forcing people to work with paper.

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Good etiquette is good advocacy: Professional interactions in and out of court

As face-to-face court appearances resume, there has been an increase in reports of rudeness and intimidation from barristers and solicitors in court.

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Challenging legal professional privilege in multidisciplinary practices

The Federal Court’s much‑anticipated judgment in the dispute between the Commissioner of Taxation and PricewaterhouseCoopers regarding legal professional privilege.

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The dangers of communicating directly with the court

Practical guidance for legal practitioners on how to communicate with judges’ chambers.

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Evaluating witnesses in an online court

Evaluating witnesses and managing sources of bias in an Online Court.

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What junior solicitors wish you knew about privilege reviews

What junior solicitors wish you knew about privilege reviews.

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