Buying or selling: beware the sting of GST

Presume the sale of a new house to be subject to GST unless established otherwise. Always think GST when buying or selling. By JIM MAIN.

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Succession planning: why communication between lawyers & accountants is crucial

Succession law and planning is complex. With state and Federal revenue laws often in conflict, lawyers and accountants need to work together.  By JIM MAIN.

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Regulators’ investigatory powers and the Harman obligation not to disclose

A recent High Court decision clarifies the Commissioner of Taxation’s power to require the production of documents, and the later use of those items. By…

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Taxation: the tricky business of amending trust deeds

Amending a trust deed is a tricky business. Tax must always be taken into account, and NSW duty must also be considered. By JIM MAIN.

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Strangely foreign: recent NSW duty and land tax surcharges

Determining whether a landowner is a ‘foreign person’ can be complicated, State duty and surcharge outcomes can be surprising. By KEN LORD.

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Death by crocodile: not necessarily tax-free

Death is not necessarily tax-free. Always consult with clients’ accountants and financial planners when making their will. By JIM MAIN.

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Accountants and lawyers: friends or adversaries?

Every transaction involving a company has potential tax issues. Landholder duty remains an issue under the Duties Act 1997 (NSW). By JIM MAIN.

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Marriage breakdown: why it pays to be on the ball about taxation

CGT exempt is different from income tax exempt and all not asset transfers are exempt on a marriage breakdown. By JIM MAIN.

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Costly mistakes in using deceased estates exemptions from duty

Care needs to be taken when beneficiaries to an estate propose to enter into a deed of family arrangement to prevent duty being triggered unintentionally….

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Options and hidden tax stings

What applies to GST does not necessarily apply to CGT. By JIM MAIN.

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