GoFundMe: The gift that keeps on giving?

A closer look at the complex legal issues raised by crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe.

By and - 8 min read

A matter of trust: Working together to avoid hidden tax stings

Stinging examples of why lawyers and accountants need to work together on trusts and succession.

By - 3 min read

NSW duty and land tax surcharges to impact discretionary trusts

Trustee of a discretionary trust owning NSW residential property? What you need to do before 31 Dec to receive an exemption & refund for foreign surcharges.

By - 7 min read

Accountants vs lawyers?

Why it’s better to work together when it comes to succession planning & restructuring.

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Deceased estates duty concession: a new Revenue NSW ruling

A practical guide to the new Revenue Ruling DUT 046 on the deceased estates duty concession.

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Company distributions: hidden tax stings await the uninitiated

The importance of seeking tax advice on company distributions.

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Why your initial choice of entity is so important

As your initial choice of entity has long-term consequences, it’s important to give it careful consideration. By JIM MAIN

By - 3 min read

Foreign trusts and duty – it’s just not cricket

Careful attention required with foreign trusts and duty. By AMANDA TULLY

By - 3 min read

Advising on the purchase of land? Beware the sting of GST withholding

Beware the sting of GST withholding when advising the purchase of land. By JIM MAIN

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Buying or selling: beware the sting of GST

Presume the sale of a new house to be subject to GST unless established otherwise. Always think GST when buying or selling. By JIM MAIN.

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