Setting up an Incorporated Legal Practice under the Uniform Law in NSW

Considering setting up an Incorporated Legal Practice? Tips to avoid pitfalls that can adversely impact your professional responsibilities, set up costs & start dates.

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Solicitor consultants: have you considered the terms of your practising certificate?

Consultant solicitors are embracing a flexible approach to legal practice, but do they have the practising certificate to match?

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Cyber fraud – be aware and stay alert

Simple steps you can take to protect your law practice from becoming the target of cyber fraud.

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Three compliance considerations for staff recruitment

Compliance obligations to consider when recruiting and training new talent. By GLENDA CARRY.

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Ethics must be part of your trust account’s DNA

Regulatory and compliance solicitor, FRANCES MOFFITT, reminds us how falsehoods involving trust money can bring the whole profession into disrepute.

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Top 5 tips to boost your productivity at work

Do you have enough time to do the things you need to do? GLENDA CARRY gives five tips to boost your productivity at work.

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Conflict of interest – do you have a conflict check procedure system?

FRANCES MOFFITT explores a useful tool to protect against conflict of interest and personal bias.

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Better business management for a sustainable practice

GLENDA CARRY discusses the importance of good business management in growing a sustainable practice.

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Principals take note: a clear compliance management system is your responsibility

This article is part of a series of practical articles designed to assist smaller firms and sole practitioners with their practice management. By FRANCES MOFFITT

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Five steps to effective delegation

Why effective delegation could be the best thing for you and your practice, and tips on implementing an effective delegation process. By Glenda Carry.

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