Traps for bilingual solicitors: Working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients

Why bilingual lawyers should think twice before taking on the role of interpreters for their clients. By JEN MCMILLAN.

Powers of Attorney – an ‘enduring’ source of liability for solicitors

A discussion of Reilly v Reilly [2017] NSWSC 1419 and restrictions on Powers of Attorney imposed by the general law. By GREG COUSTON and TONY…

Watch your inbox! Online Court has arrived

Online Court has its advantages but solicitors must keep on top of their emails to avoid the risks of costs orders and dismissal of proceedings….

Under pressure: the link between risk and stress

It is important to recognise the close relationship between stress and the increased risk of a professional negligence claim. By CANDICE PERRIMAN.

Dealing with unrepresented litigants

A legal practitioner’s positive duty to assist the Court includes assisting the Court to understand an unrepresented litigant’s claims. By LUCY WILLIAMS and ROSEMARY WORKMAN.

Estate planning traps: binding death benefit nominations and enduring powers of attorney

The authority of an enduring attorney is expressed differently in each jurisdiction. But a Queensland decision may have relevance in New South Wales. By JEN…

Limitation periods in equity – taking an analogous approach

Limitation periods for equitable causes of action are not straightforward and require careful investigation and analysis. Consult Lawcover’s schedule. By ELISSA BAXTER and ALEX HASLAM.

Who do you think they are? Identifying your client

A recent case emphasises the importance of identifying clients before witnessing their signatures on loan and associated security documents. By TONY REYNOLDS and DEBORAH MORRIS.

Is your practice ready for e-conveyancing?

Be proactive in transitioning to the new regime and remember to review funds transfer processes and confirm payment instructions by multiple methods. By SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE.

Emails: danger handle with care

Email scams are targeting law practices. Warn clients about email scams targeting funds transfers. Educate everyone in your law practice about risks. By SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE.