Settlement perils and client regret: what can solicitors do to protect themselves?

The prospect of a client experiencing settlement regret is never far from the minds of litigation lawyers.

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The dangers of communicating directly with the court

Practical guidance for legal practitioners on how to communicate with judges’ chambers.

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When an inactive file becomes a problem

Inactive files can be ticking time-bombs, and ignoring them can be perilous.

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Managing risks for law firms returning to the office

Transitioning back to the office requires caution and planning.

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The limited retainer – carving out property taxes

The importance of limiting retainers for property conveyances.

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Headaches with adjustment clauses in wills

Adjustment clauses in wills can seem deceptively simple, but often give rise to claims.

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Protecting yourself from claims – when a file note saves the day

Why your insurer wants you to improve your file notes.

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How law firms can mitigate the risk of cyber attacks

Addressing the unspoken problem of cyber extortion against law firms – ways you need to prepare, now.

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Caveats in PEXA: Buyers (and solicitors) beware

Why solicitors need to take care with caveats in PEXA.

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Penumbral duty no longer ‘an area of obscurity or uncertainty’

NSWCA confirms solicitors do not owe a ‘penumbral duty’ to provide advice beyond the retainer.

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