Caveats in PEXA: Buyers (and solicitors) beware

Why solicitors need to take care with caveats in PEXA.

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Penumbral duty no longer ‘an area of obscurity or uncertainty’

NSWCA confirms solicitors do not owe a ‘penumbral duty’ to provide advice beyond the retainer.

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Limitation periods: Simple? Not always

Time limits – love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve gotta know them.

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Migration law practitioners to cast off the shackles of dual regulation

A practical guide to the new practice rules that will apply when the dual regulation of immigration law practice ends in March.

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Preliminary agreements and the risk of litigation

The importance of drafting more effective preliminary client agreements to avoid the risk of future litigation.

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Purchaser surcharge duty: risk management tips for solicitors

With Revenue NSW audits on the rise, we set out the extra precautions you should consider when acting for ‘foreign persons’ in real property transactions.

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Compliance risks: FAQs in the age of the coronavirus part 2

The Law Society’s Regulatory Compliance team answers your FAQs about legal practice in the age of the Coronavirus.

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(Over)working from home and beyond

Cautionary tales for employers with staff working long hours.

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Compliance risks: FAQs in the age of the coronavirus

The Law Society’s regulatory compliance solicitors answer your compliance queries

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Setting up an Incorporated Legal Practice under the Uniform Law in NSW

Considering setting up an Incorporated Legal Practice? Tips to avoid pitfalls that can adversely impact your professional responsibilities, set up costs & start dates.

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