Treating Doctor Reports: retrospective mental capacity cases

The importance of contemporaneous medical evidence and treating doctor opinion in mental capacity cases.

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A triumph for residents of retirement villages

Vulnerable residents prevail in first judicial consideration of s 182G of the Retirement Villages Act.

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Time to dust off the contracts: NSW retirement village laws are changing

Retirement village contracts under review after new laws passed in response to the Greiner Inquiry.

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Failed granny flat arrangements

Salutary lessons from granny flat arrangements gone wrong.

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Rethinking the presumption of advancement in contemporary Australia

What we can learn from the Canadian approach to the presumption of advancement. By KRASA BOZINOVSKA

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Beware the lonesome lodger: Dealing with guests who outstay their welcome

How to deal with guests who outstay their welcome. By RICHARD MCCULLAGH.

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In the fight against elder abuse, is it time to revisit the notional estate?

In the national effort to combat elder abuse, is it time to revisit the notional estate? By JOHN CLARKE

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Powers of Attorney – an ‘enduring’ source of liability for solicitors

A discussion of Reilly v Reilly [2017] NSWSC 1419 and restrictions on Powers of Attorney imposed by the general law. By GREG COUSTON and TONY…

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Elder law: when trust may not be resulting

Parents advancing money to their children, or co-purchasing property with them, are on the legal back foot should those funds be needed later. By RICHARD…

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Financial abuse and forfeiture

The extension of the forfeiture rule to cases of abuse against the vulnerable and elderly, as has been done elsewhere, may deter abusive behaviour. By…

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