Powers of Attorney – an ‘enduring’ source of liability for solicitors

A discussion of Reilly v Reilly [2017] NSWSC 1419 and restrictions on Powers of Attorney imposed by the general law. By GREG COUSTON and TONY…

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Elder law: when trust may not be resulting

Parents advancing money to their children, or co-purchasing property with them, are on the legal back foot should those funds be needed later. By RICHARD…

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Financial abuse and forfeiture

The extension of the forfeiture rule to cases of abuse against the vulnerable and elderly, as has been done elsewhere, may deter abusive behaviour. By…

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Retirement villages: a reality check

Despite recent bad publicity and superficial complexity, retirement villages are a simple proposition: they are relatively cheap to move into and stay in, and expensive…

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Avoiding elder financial abuse: safeguards solicitors should have in place

The Law Reform Commission’s report, Elder Abuse – A National Response, recommends safeguards to minimise risk of abuse in cases of ‘enduring appointments’. By DARRYL…

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Death benefit nominations & substitute decision makers: ALRC Elder Abuse Report

In the Elder Abuse Report, the Australian Law Reform Commission recommended review of the authority of those holding enduring powers of attorney.

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Elder abuse: time for a national legal response

The issue of elder abuse in the context of pressure to make or change wills was one of the many topics considered by the ALRC…

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Elder abuse: a national legal response

The Australian Law Reform Commission’s Report, Elder Abuse – A National Legal Response, included 43 recommendations for law reform which aim to achieve a nationally…

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The beginning of the end of the castle: the age pension, aged care and the home

Holding onto your home in the twilight years is a lot more complicated after changes to asset test rules for age pensioners took effect on…

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ALRC wants your views in Elder Abuse Inquiry

A Law Refom Commission Discussion Paper includes 43 proposals to prevent, identify and respond to elder abuse. Submissions close on 27 February 2017. By MARIE-CLAIRE…

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