ALRC wants your views in Elder Abuse Inquiry

A Law Refom Commission Discussion Paper includes 43 proposals to prevent, identify and respond to elder abuse. Submissions close on 27 February 2017. By MARIE-CLAIRE…

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NCAT guardianship division’s reviews of enduring powers of attorney

Improvident and self-benefiting transactions by attorneys acting under an Enduring Power of Attorney are seemingly on the rise. By RICHARD McCULLAGH.

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The tangled web of granny flat arrangements

A parent and child co-habiting with the intermixing of financial and proprietary interests is fraught with difficulties. By RICHARD McCULLAGH.

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The elderly and their medical treatment: enduring guardianship and advance care directives

Many people are concerned that they should not be forced to linger on in old age or in states of advanced physical or mental decrepitude,…

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Capacity, dementia and neuropsychology

The Office of the Legal Services Commission is increasingly receiving complaints that lawyers have accepted instructions from elderly people who lack decision-making capacity. By LISE…

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Aged care reforms: the residents’ perspective

The Aged Care (Living Longer Living Better) Act 2013 (Cth) introduced major reforms to residential aged care. By RICHARD MCCULLAGH.

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