Five innovative technology tools for small practices

There are many ways that small practices can take advantage of technology to reduce administrative costs, increase convenience and improve client satisfaction.

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Regulating LegalTech: should we, and if so, how?

How might the delivery of legal services by non-lawyers be regulated?

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To text or not to text: lawyering via chat apps, social media and messaging

As practitioners incorporate the use of social media into their practices, they need to consider the limitations and risks of social media.

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The unexpected reach of privacy law: OAIC determinations offer clarity

Australian entities are at risk if they do not understand the breadth of data which is covered by their legal obligations under the Privacy Act.

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Biometric recognition technology and the Clearview AI decision

The Clearview AI decision signals increasing scrutiny of entities doing business in Australia that collect, use and transact biometric data about Australian individuals.

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Data access and interception: new enforcement powers

Covert surveillance powers afforded to law enforcement agencies have been further expanded, giving agencies even greater access to individuals’ data.

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Artificial Intelligence and Solicitors’ Ethical Duties

Examining how lawyers’ ethical duties are impacted by the adoption of artificial intelligence in society and as a tool for the practice of law.

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New laws bring authorities a step closer to accessing encrypted offshore data

New laws point to an Australia-US Cloud Act agreement allowing cross border access to encrypted data.

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Cyber security awareness month: making people the first line of defence

Tips on how to reduce cyber risk by educating and training your people.

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10 tips for staying safe when video conferencing

With security of particular importance for lawyers, here are 10 tips for keeping your firm and your clients safe.

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