Limited scope services: lessons from the Legal Assistance Sector

There is an increasing need for the formal recognition of limited scope services in legislation, ethics and court rules in Australia. By JOHN CORKER.

Recognising a new form of legal practice: limited scope services

Limited scope services can enhance access to justice and help to define the changing roles played by lawyers and clients. By MICHAEL LEGG.

Insourcing – implications for in-house counsel and private practice lawyers

In-house counsel and external lawyers can benefit from greater collaboration, and clear articulation of the objective of the legal work. By MICHAEL LEGG and FELICITY…

Emails: danger handle with care

Email scams are targeting law practices. Warn clients about email scams targeting funds transfers. Educate everyone in your law practice about risks. By SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE.

Why it’s time to wise up about metadata

It is important that legal practitioners have some understanding of metadata in order to safeguard a client’s confidential and privileged information. By HELEN BROWNE.

ASIC guidance on cryptocurrency token sales: a ban or sensible regulation?

ASIC has released guidance on Initial Coin Offerings/Token Sales. By MICHAEL BACINA and SINA KASSRA.

Unlocking cryptocurrency token sales

Token sales (also known as Initial Coin Offerings) offer a new form of fundraising which involves an exchange of fiat currency (US or Australian dollars…

Smart contracts: just how clever are they?

The adoption of smart contracts continues to grow, comprising a variety of contractual relationships partly automated by computer software and which run on blockchain technology….

Validity and enforceability of electronic & digital signatures

Two decisions have prompted doubts amongst practitioners about electronic signatures. By TROY ROLLO.

Predictive coding: machine learning disrupts discovery

The Victoria decision in McConnell Dowell Constructions (Aust) Pty Ltd v Santam Ltd (No 1) signals the emerging judicial acceptance of predictive coding. By THOMAS…