Insurers feel the heat as COVID-19 test cases mount

A look at the insurance landscape as COVID-19 business interruption cases begin to mount in the courts.

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Transitioning back to the office: Rights and responsibilities

Tips for employers and employees alike in negotiating the transition back to the office.

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Requiring the jab? What’s reasonable in Australian workplaces

What is lawful and reasonable when it comes to vaccinations and the workplace?

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Constitutional algebra: Palmer v Western Australia reunites the broken parts of s 92

A fascinating look at the High Court’s ruling on Clive Palmer’s challenge to the WA border closures.

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JobMaker: How the Federal Budget Hiring Credit scheme works

Expert consideration of the complex new JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme.

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Decision making in uncertain times: pandemics, planning and climate change

How the pandemic might inform our response to climate change.

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Update on recent changes to insolvency law

An essential overview of the national insolvency reforms designed to tackle the economic impact of Covid-19.

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Firefighting or reform? The industrial response to COVID-19

An essential update on JobKeeper 2.0, the latest changes to modern awards, and the future of Industrial Relations reform in 2021.  

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OK Zoomer: The impacts and future of working from home

The year the legal profession went home – an examination of the great WFH experiment.

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