Collaborative housing: the new kid on the block

Collaborative housing models and why they’re on the radar for property lawyers

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Compensation for land acquisition on a ‘reinstatement’ basis

Some dispossessed owners of land in NSW can now seek compensation for land acquisition on the basis of ‘reinstatement’.

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Handing down the family farm without NSW duties

Handing down the family farm without NSW duties – a guide to the new Revenue NSW Ruling.

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What will the abolition of physical CTs mean for Certificates held as security?

Are you still holding paper CTs as security? With e-conveyancing taking over, it may be time to change tack.

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The end of the road for paper CTs in NSW

The Office of the Registrar General delivers the official word on the end of CTs as we know them.

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Protecting yourself from claims – when a file note saves the day

Why your insurer wants you to improve your file notes.

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The pitfalls of residential put options

An expert analysis of the pitfalls of using put options in residential property transactions.

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End-to-end accountability in the construction of NSW residential apartment buildings

A guide to the next stage of reforms set to commence on 1 July.

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Caveats in PEXA: Buyers (and solicitors) beware

Why solicitors need to take care with caveats in PEXA.

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Family law land transfers where one party is self-represented

How to handle the dilemma of unrepresented parties in electronic property settlements.

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