Purchaser surcharge duty: risk management tips for solicitors

With Revenue NSW audits on the rise, we set out the extra precautions you should consider when acting for ‘foreign persons’ in real property transactions.

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Harsh, unconscionable, oppressive: Angus has the last bark on strata by-law

NSW Court of Appeal overturns blanket prohibition on keeping pets in strata buildings.

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The impact of COVID-19 on commercial leasing

Sneakerboy decisions are the first to provide guidance on interpretation of the Code for retail and other commercial leasing agreements in NSW.

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NSW Government sets residential developers in its sights

Get up to speed on the next instalment of NSW building reforms, set to commence on 1 September.    

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A new duty of care: Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020

NSW building reforms and the new and retrospective statutory duty of care to protect owners from defective building works.

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NSW duty and land tax surcharges to impact discretionary trusts

Trustee of a discretionary trust owning NSW residential property? What you need to do before 31 Dec to receive an exemption & refund for foreign surcharges.

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Compensating compulsorily acquired trade-related leases

A new take on the valuation of leasehold interests in resumption of land cases.

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Land Tax Certificates and termination of contracts for sale of land

The importance of settlement dates for land tax certificates.

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Using an e-settlement subscriber for eConveyancing

The ins and outs of using an e-settlement subscriber to conduct your eConveyancing work.

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2019 Edition of the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land

Important updates on off-the-plan reforms and the 2019 Contract for the Sale and Purchase of land.

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