Strangely foreign: recent NSW duty and land tax surcharges

Determining whether a landowner is a ‘foreign person’ can be complicated, State duty and surcharge outcomes can be surprising. By KEN LORD.

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2018 NSW Contract for Sale and Purchase of Land and the ‘GST at settlement’ measure

The 2018 edition of the NSW contract for sale and purchase of land includes a process to assist practitioners in dealing withnew GST rules. By…

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Slander of title: neighbour held responsible for damage

In Blythe v Willis, the Supreme Court of NSW held that a neighbour’s allegations to the purchaser of adjoining land were false and malicious. By…

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Electronic conveyancing – don’t wait for mandating

The NSW Government’s mandating program aims to increase the proportion of electronically lodged documents for all core conveyancing transactions from around 33 per cent currently to…

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Split-deposit clauses and penalties reconsidered

In liight of recent judgements, solicitors need to carefully consider the drafting of their ‘split-deposit’ special conditions. By KYE TRAN-TSAI and BENJAMIN ADAMS.

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Retirement villages: a reality check

Despite recent bad publicity and superficial complexity, retirement villages are a simple proposition: they are relatively cheap to move into and stay in, and expensive…

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Preparing for mandated electronic conveyancing – don’t leave it too late

From 1 July 2018, a caveat can only be lodged electronically at NSW Land Registry Services. Those prepared on paper will not be accepted for…

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Court of Appeal finds certifiers do not owe duty of care to purchasers

A principal certifying authority is not responsible for certifying that building works do not, or are not likely, to contain latent detects. By GARY NEWTON…

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eConveyancing: principles, platforms and procedures

The legality of the electronically created and registered interest is the product of the law’s indifference to contractual form and the express legislative intent of…

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Another edition of the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land?

The 2017 edition of the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land is now available online at the Law Society’s eCOS Portal. By PETER…

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