Characters in conflict: how well do you know your former clients?

Conflict is not limited to obtaining pieces or categories of confidential information. It can include familiarity with a party’s strengths and vulnerabilities – its ‘litigious…

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Proprietary estoppel and the risks of mixing family and business

Proprietary estoppel requires a plaintiff to assume that an interest in property will be granted but not always that a ‘particular legal relationship’ existed. By…

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Exercising powers of advancement under a trust

Robert William Fischer & Ors v Nemeske Pty Ltd & Ors considers the extent to which a change in ownership of trust assets is necessary when…

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Trusts and transitional provisions under the new legal profession uniform law

The Legal Profession Uniform Law and Rules commenced in New South Wales and Victoria on 1 July 2015. By CHELLY MILLIKEN.

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