Ministerial intervention applications and limits on executive power

Recent High Court decision examined whether there had been an unlawful exercise of the Minister’s personal liberty by departmental officials.

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The Voice: A constitutional and administrative law perspective

As Australia prepares to vote on the Voice, University of Sydney Law School experts examine constitutional and administrative law issues raised in relation to the…

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Direction 99: A new era in fairness for non-citizens or much of the same?

Direction 99 deals with character matters relating to non-citizens and aims to provide fairness to those with criminal records. However there are still shortcomings.

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Ombudsman examines Government’s COVID-19 response

Expedited lawmaking processes were used to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The NSW Ombudsman reports on the Government’s response and the importance of external oversight.

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Materiality as a common law principle of statutory interpretation

In administrative decision making, proper construction of the statute under which a decision is made is important especially when analysing materiality in a jurisdictional error.

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The human in the loop: Machines and administrative functions

Prompted by a growth in complaints traced to technology use, the Ombudsman reports on challenges that arise when governments use technology.

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An opening for the Palace Letters; No dismissal in respect of The Dismissal

The High Court opens the door in the Palace Letters saga.

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Three takeaways from the landmark NDIS ‘sex therapy’ case

Broader lessons for advocates and families from the Full Federal Court’s judgment in the NDIS ‘sex therapy’ case.

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Bringing robo-debts before the law: why it’s time to right a legal wrong

The Government’s robo-debt scheme is still operating without legal foundation and it’s time we took a stand, argues former AAT Member, PROFESSOR TERRY CARNEY.    

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Good administrative decision-making not bound by Briginshaw

Two decisions have removed the uncertainty in relation to the Briginshaw ‘rule’ in the context of administrative decision-making by delegates. By STEPHEN THOMPSON.

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