Practical guidance on implementing a robust modern slavery program

This six-step compliance program offers guidance to help organisations meet the requirements under the Act and establish a robust modern slavery program.

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Time is running out: are you taking action on modern slavery?

The deadline for the first Australian Modern Slavery Statements is fast approaching.

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Freedom of religion and speech: it’s time for change

AHRC President ROSALIND CROUCHER ventures beyond the headlines to explore how our rights & freedoms can be protected in a more positive and enduring way.

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If only we had a Human Rights Act… What we can learn from the UK’s religious freedom ruling

Ngole v University of Sheffield is a timely example of how conflicts between freedom of speech and religion can be resolved with the right legislative…

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When it comes to human rights, is it time NSW caught up?

Has the time come for NSW to revisit the question of whether to adopt a human rights act?

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Tackling modern slavery now a matter of legal compliance

A closer look at the new laws Australia has introduced at both State and Federal level to prevent slavery in corporate supply chains. By AMY…

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Righting the relic: towards effective protections for criminal record discrimination

The recent case of BE v Suncorp Group Ltd [2018] AusHRC 121 drew attention to the matter of discrimination based on an employee’s criminal record….

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Financial abuse and forfeiture

The extension of the forfeiture rule to cases of abuse against the vulnerable and elderly, as has been done elsewhere, may deter abusive behaviour. By…

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The constitutional cost of combatting espionage and foreign interference

The Federal Government has introduced three Bills to combat foreign interference in our political and electoral systems. Two have been passed. By HANNAH RYAN.

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Corporate accountability and transparency: a modern approach to combat slavery

Ethical supply chains are under the spotlight as the Commonwealth and New South Wales legislatures move to increase transparency about modern slavery. By JACK DE FLAMINGH…

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