How the Russia-Ukraine conflict will change all future wars

Lethal autonomous weapon systems pose a threat to combatants and civilians alike. It is assessible and there are calls for its immediate prohibition.

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It’s time to prepare for tougher modern slavery laws

The latest report on the Modern Slavery Act contains a number of potential reforms, which (if implemented) will impose tougher requirements on Australian businesses.

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The NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Act: Thoughts on the vulnerable

From 28 November 2023, all NSW residents suffering from terminal illnesses can legally request assistance from a health practitioner to end their life subject to…

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Positive duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment

Recent amendments to legislation have introduced a positive duty on employers and businesses to prevent workplace sexual harassment, sex discrimination and victimisation.

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Removing the stigma: Access to family and domestic violence leave

Family and domestic violence leave aims to provide victims of family and domestic violence financial stability yet many are unaware of its existence.

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New accessorial liability for solicitors under the Sex Discrimination Act and fresh obligations under Conduct Rule 42

Changes to the Sex Discrimination Act have had implications for the recently amended Rule 42 of the Conduct Rules.

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Recent changes to the Conduct Rules: Anti-discrimination and harassment

Changes to the Conduct Rules make clear that solicitors are expected to conduct themselves to a higher standard of conduct than prescribed in any legislation…

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Mardi Gras 2022: Cause to celebrate LGBTIQ+ milestones

For Mardi Gras 2022, we take a look at some of the LGBTIQ+ milestones as a reminder of what has been achieved to date.

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Working with clients with disability: improving experiences in the justice system

Insights and practical tips for working with clients with disability & engaging with the Royal Commission.

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Modern Slavery Reporting: how have we faired and what’s next?

What we can learn from the results of the first round of Modern Slavery reporting.

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