Wrong place, wrong time: compensating victims of terror

Australian victims of overseas terrorist acts and their close family members may be eligible for compensation under the Social Security Act 1991. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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Transgender clients: sentencing parameters in NSW

When sentencing transgender persons, the courts must be made aware of the significance of their marginalisation and how that should affect the sentencing range available…

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Educational institutions and the prohibition on disability discrimination

BKY v The University of Newcastle [2014] NSWCATAD 39 considered a claim of direct discrimination under s 49B(1) of the Anti-Discrimination Act. By GREG WALSH.

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Sexual harassment case: the full Federal Court rejects almost 30 years of case law on general damages

In a ground-breaking decision significantly increasing the risks associated with sexual harassment claims, the Full Federal Court, in Richardson v Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd [2014] FCAFC…

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Boats, people and policies: the legal issues facing asylum seekers

Australia is the only country to assess refugee protection based on mode of arrival. The past nine months has seen at least seven significant legislative…

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