Human rights in 2021: Key considerations for Australian businesses

The international developments that Australian businesses need to watch in 2021.

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Recent liquor licensing reforms in NSW

The liquor licensing reforms designed to revitalise our night time economy.

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Update on recent changes to insolvency law

An essential overview of the national insolvency reforms designed to tackle the economic impact of Covid-19.

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Preliminary agreements and the risk of litigation

The importance of drafting more effective preliminary client agreements to avoid the risk of future litigation.

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The Rest climate case settlement: a precedent by any other name?

The climate change settlement raising the bar for Australian corporate risk management.

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Comparing the new fault standard in Australian & UK shareholder class actions

Temporary reforms slow opportunistic shareholder class actions during COVID-19.

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Compensating compulsorily acquired trade-related leases

A new take on the valuation of leasehold interests in resumption of land cases.

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Company directors personally liable for GST

Advising companies on the new personal GST liability applying to company directors.

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The courts and the pandemic: the role and limits of technology

NSW courts have readily embraced technology to continue to deliver justice. However, even in a pandemic, there will be limits to the use of technology.

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Practical guidance on implementing a robust modern slavery program

This six-step compliance program offers guidance to help organisations meet the requirements under the Act and establish a robust modern slavery program.

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