Victoria set to allow lawyers to take percentage of class action damages

The Victorian Bill poised to change class actions practice and, arguably, Australian litigation culture.

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Time is running out: are you taking action on modern slavery?

The deadline for the first Australian Modern Slavery Statements is fast approaching.

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High Court’s rejection of common funds shakes up class actions landscape

This article provides a short history of the common fund and analyses a recent decision which is reshaping the future of common fund class actions.

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Alienations of property with intent to defraud

A series of related decisions reveals the Court’s broad approach to the alienation of property with intent to defraud.

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Risky business: super case heats up climate debate

ILONA MILLAR & SHARONA COUTTS examine how regulators, corporations and individuals are starting to see climate change as a matter of financial risk management.

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New protections for corporate whistleblowers

It’s time for companies to implement whistleblower policies to protect corporate insiders. By DAN PEARCE and HANNAH PELKA-CAVEN

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Stepping through the stages of a corporate criminal prosecution

IAN BOLSTER and STEPHEN SPEIRS provide a timely examination of the procedural steps involved in a white collar criminal prosecution.

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ACCC gains momentum in its push for higher consumer law penalties

Recent cases provide insights in the ACCC’s push for higher consumer law penalties. By MICHAEL MILNES

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Financial services providers under pressure to act ‘efficiently, honestly and fairly’

In the wake of the Banking Royal Commission, BRENDAN MAY revisits the obligation on Australian Financial Services Licensees to provide services in an efficient, honest…

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Time to play fair: franchising industry faces growing scrutiny

Increased scrutiny reveals franchisors are falling short of Franchising Code of Conduct. By MICHAEL MILNES

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