Mardi Gras 2022: Cause to celebrate LGBTIQ+ milestones

For Mardi Gras 2022, we take a look at some of the LGBTIQ+ milestones as a reminder of what has been achieved to date.

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Tranche II is coming: Legal professionals as gatekeepers

The involvement of legal professionals in money laundering and terrorism financing is a significant and increasing problem.

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The limited retainer – carving out property taxes

The importance of limiting retainers for property conveyances.

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The evolution of continuous disclosure in Australia

Continuous disclosure laws – a seismic change in Australian class actions? Or a mere shift in the sand?

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Declaring dividends: lessons from Dick Smith

Declaring dividends and other lessons for company directors from Dick Smith Holdings.

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Space debris: a challenge to our way of life on earth

The surprising threat to life on earth and the legal and non-legal solutions we need to consider.

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Modern Slavery Reporting: how have we faired and what’s next?

What we can learn from the results of the first round of Modern Slavery reporting.

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Directors’ duties and the risky business of greenwashing

Hutley and Hartford Davis share some of the practical steps directors can take to reduce the likelihood of liability arising from net zero climate change…

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Full Federal Court brings an end to the peak indebtedness rule

The Full Federal Court judgment that rung the death knell for the peak indebtedness rule.

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The ship that keeps on Given: legal implications of the Suez Canal debacle

The Ever Given may have been dislodged, but the complex legal fallout has only just begun.

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