The courts and the pandemic: the role and limits of technology

NSW courts have readily embraced technology to continue to deliver justice. However, even in a pandemic, there will be limits to the use of technology.

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Practical guidance on implementing a robust modern slavery program

This six-step compliance program offers guidance to help organisations meet the requirements under the Act and establish a robust modern slavery program.

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New laws passed to tackle illegal phoenix activity

A practical overview of the long-awaited new laws introduced to tackle illegal phoenix activity.

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Victoria set to allow lawyers to take percentage of class action damages

The Victorian Bill poised to change class actions practice and, arguably, Australian litigation culture.

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Time is running out: are you taking action on modern slavery?

The deadline for the first Australian Modern Slavery Statements is fast approaching.

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High Court’s rejection of common funds shakes up class actions landscape

This article provides a short history of the common fund and analyses a recent decision which is reshaping the future of common fund class actions.

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Alienations of property with intent to defraud

A series of related decisions reveals the Court’s broad approach to the alienation of property with intent to defraud.

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Risky business: super case heats up climate debate

ILONA MILLAR & SHARONA COUTTS examine how regulators, corporations and individuals are starting to see climate change as a matter of financial risk management.

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New protections for corporate whistleblowers

It’s time for companies to implement whistleblower policies to protect corporate insiders. By DAN PEARCE and HANNAH PELKA-CAVEN

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Stepping through the stages of a corporate criminal prosecution

IAN BOLSTER and STEPHEN SPEIRS provide a timely examination of the procedural steps involved in a white collar criminal prosecution.

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