When building work is not iron clad

Recent Court of Appeal decision clarifies who bears the evidentiary onus of establishing loss in combustible cladding disputes.

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Cyclone oppression: Navigating shareholder disputes through the eye of the storm

A storm of shareholder disputes including claims of oppressive conduct have been brewing. Courts can order appropriate relief if claims are supported by sufficient evidence.

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It’s time to prepare for tougher modern slavery laws

The latest report on the Modern Slavery Act contains a number of potential reforms, which (if implemented) will impose tougher requirements on Australian businesses.

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Modernising Australia’s anti-money laundering regime: Extending AML obligations to lawyers

Lawyers are increasingly being involved in money laundering activities and global organisations have called for the regulation of lawyers under anti-money laundering regimes.

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Phoenix rising: Update on illegal phoenixing legislation

Two recent cases have considered the illegal phoenix activity provisions enacted at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Escalated crackdown on greenwashing: Just the beginning?

Regulatory watchdogs, ASIC and ACCC, are cracking down on greenwashing claims made by businesses and the consequences for false green claims are greater than ever.

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ACCC v BlueScope Steel – cartels and ‘attempts to induce’

Recent Federal Court decision considers ‘attempt to induce’ provisions under the Competition and Consumer Act. The decision also provides insight into future ACCC prosecutions.

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‘Equity, mate’ – Equitable principles limit the effect of general words in releases

A recent Court of Appeal decision reviewed the special equitable principles that apply to the construction and efficacy of a deed of release.

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Smart contracts: What lawyers need to know

Smart contracts are the ‘new frontier’, however lawyers should be aware of the enforceability and security issues surrounding its use.

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An Australian first: Custodial sentences for cartel conduct

The Federal Court’s sentencing in the Vina Money Prosecution provides an indication of what individuals can expect if they are found guilty of criminal cartel…

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