Section 32 Mental Health Act amendments fall short of recommended reform

Section 32 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990 was amended, extending the divisionary regime to those with cognitive impairment. By KAREN WEEKS.

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Coercive treatment options for anorexia under the Mental Health and Guardianship Acts

Eating disorders have significant health and personal impacts on those living with the illness. Sometimes coercive treatment is necessary to help a person recover. By…

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Supreme Court on section 32 mental health treatment plans

Successful section 32 applications need a comprehensive treatment plan. By MARK WARREN.

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IP rights v public health: international challenges to plain packaging laws

A State’s right to regulate to protect public health can clash with the intellectual property rights held by corporations over their tobacco products. By STEPHEN…

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Police detention of people who appear mentally ill or mentally disturbed

Whether a person appears to a police officer to be mentally ill or disturbed is assessed purely on the subjective belief of that officer at…

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D’arcy v Myriad Genetics what next for gene patents in Australia?

The extent to which genes and other natural products are susceptible to patent protection is now unclear. By REBEKAH GAY and TOM GUMLEY.

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A person-centred approach to mental health care in NSW

Recent amendments to the Mental Health Act 2007 include a recovery orientated approach designed to involve consumers in decisions about care and treatment. By MARIA…

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Health records privacy: contemporary issues, complaints and claims

The ‘big data revolution’ in healthcare has increased the demand for access to identifying health information without consent. By ALISON CHOY FLANNIGAN.

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Finding a way through the mental health minefield: the new criminal trial bench book entry

People experiencing major mental illness while facing serious criminal charges are extremely vulnerable. By ANINA JOHNSON.

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