Covid complaint tests the limits of privacy law

In the first COVID-related privacy case in NSW, a sensible result should not be misunderstood: privacy protections still apply.

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New laws bring authorities a step closer to accessing encrypted offshore data

New laws point to an Australia-US Cloud Act agreement allowing cross border access to encrypted data.

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Maximising value from corporate data while protecting against privacy risks

How can organisations prioritise privacy when faced with competing objectives such as expecting to derive greater value from data to better inform business decision-making.

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NCAT Appeal Panel taps off on the Gold Opal Card case

The end of the journey for the Gold Opal Card case. By STEPHEN MCKENZIE and EVA LU.

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Protecting client confidentiality in the digital era

SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE discusses why protecting client confidentiality is not just an IT problem.

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Training is key to avoiding legal liability for rogue employees

Organisations may be able to escape liability for privacy breaches caused by ‘rogue’ employees, but only if proper protections were in place to start with….

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‘Going dark’: unprecedented government measures to access encrypted data

Arthur Kopsias APM examines the new laws giving law enforcement and security agencies greater powers to access your encrypted data.

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Owning your practice’s cyber security: MSPs and you

Cyber protection should not be regarded as a ‘set and forget’ matter. Principals have a professional responsibility to be proactive in understanding and managing their…

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How cyber resilient is your law practice?

Cyber resilience depends on individual awareness combined with appropriate technical responses. By SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE.

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How to draft a privacy policy like the law expects – instead of like a lawyer

Australian privacy law requires regulated organisations to have a privacy policy and collection notices. United States models don’t comply. By ANNA JOHNSTON.

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