Dollar-for-dollar orders: levelling the playing field or a matter of opinion?

The desirability of legal representation for both parties and achieving fairness in access to representation underpin the concept of dollar-for-dollar cost orders.

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Family law land transfers where one party is self-represented

How to handle the dilemma of unrepresented parties in electronic property settlements.

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Keeping a cool head when dealing with difficult practitioners

An exploration of some of the less inflammatory ways in which we can consider dealing with difficult practitioners.

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Re Imogen (No 6): Dispute over Stage 2 hormone therapy for 16 year old

Family Court settles dispute over hormone therapy for teenager with gender dysphoria.

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Covert recordings in family law

Consideration of the legality and admissibility of covert recordings in family law proceedings.

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Best practice standards for representing Aboriginal clients

Legal Aid’s helpful guide provides guidance on issues impacting representation of Aboriginal clients.  

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What does it mean to be an Aboriginal child when it comes to adoption?

Recent NSWCA decision expands the definition of ‘Aboriginal child’.

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The new National Family Law Property Arbitration List

The new National Arbitration list in a nutshell & some helpful tips for discussing dispute resolution options.

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The limits of the Hague Convention in child abduction cases

In the recent case of Walpole the Full Court of the Family Court allowed an appeal against orders requiring two children to return to NZ.

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Parenting during a pandemic: best interests of the child remain paramount

With COVID-19 adding an extra complication to the lives of many families, how are families to approach their family law issues during this time ?

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