The pitfalls of pursuing bankruptcy on the basis of assessed costs

A practical look at the pitfalls of pursuing bankruptcy on the basis of a judgment for assessed costs.

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Does my costs agreement tick the boxes? Best practice tips for costs and bill templates

Is your costs agreement template fit for purpose? Time to find out with this handy checklist.

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How to future-proof your firm with Alternative Fee Arrangements

The final article in the three-part series focuses on alternative fee arrangements and recommendations as to how to implement them.

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The pros and cons of different types of fee arrangements

Is it time to reevaluate your fee arrangements? A handy guide to the pros and cons of alternative fee arrangements.

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The laws of costs: 2020 year in review

An expert guide to the key costs decisions of 2020.

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Counting on costs 2020

FAQs with The Law Society of NSW Costs Committee.

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The ‘Kill Bill’ movement and alternative fee arrangements

Part one in our LSJ series on alternative fee arrangements.

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Who bears the costs in estate litigation?

A look at recent and common types of costs orders in wills and estates matters.

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The costs of law: a look back at the stand-out cases of 2019

2019 in review: a closer look at the most noteworthy cases in costs.

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Have a costs query? The Law Society’s Professional Support Unit is here to help

The Law Society Professional Support Unit answers some common costs queries in this practical Q&A. By MADELEINE PORTER

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