Affirmative consent: What the ‘common sense’ NSW law reforms mean

Affirmative consent will soon be law in NSW. The laws will better recognise sexual violence within a domestic and family violence and abuse context.

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The ‘CSI effect’ and admissibility of equivocal DNA evidence

The recent decisions of Dadley v R and Franklin v R consider the effect of unfair prejudice on the admissibility of forensic evidence.

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New laws bring authorities a step closer to accessing encrypted offshore data

New laws point to an Australia-US Cloud Act agreement allowing cross border access to encrypted data.

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Black letter law*

An exploration of how a black letter application of the Bail Act can command fairer outcomes for First Nations people.

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Ensuring accountability for First Nations deaths in custody

Shining a spotlight on Aboriginal deaths in custody, changing attitudes and the families mounting important new claims for justice.

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Strengthening protections for people experiencing sexual and domestic violence

New protections for people experiencing sexual and domestic violence explained.

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What’s new with section 32? Mental health, cognitive impairment and criminal law

An overview of the forthcoming changes to mental health and criminal law legislation.

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Police silence and Aboriginal deaths in custody

Contemporary decisions highlight concerns about police accountability and Aboriginal deaths in custody.

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Paying the price: sentencing for criminal cartel conduct

Recent cases provide guidance on how courts will approach sentencing of corporations and individuals for criminal cartel conduct.

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Navigating the new normal: the virtual court

Practical pointers for advocates adapting to the virtual courtroom.

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