The case for a new tort of cyber harm

Keeping pace with technology and why we need a new tort specifically for digital privacy breaches.

By - 6 min read

Cyber security awareness month: making people the first line of defence

Tips on how to reduce cyber risk by educating and training your people.

By - 3 min read

Cyber extortion: legal and ethical considerations if you receive a ransom demand

Are you prepared for the legal and ethical considerations you may face if confronted with a ransomware demand?

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10 tips for staying safe when video conferencing

With security of particular importance for lawyers, here are 10 tips for keeping your firm and your clients safe.

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Don’t let cyber criminals capitalise on covid-19 chaos: tips for working from home

Straightforward tips for staying cyber safe while working from home during the pandemic.

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Cyber fraud – be aware and stay alert

Simple steps you can take to protect your law practice from becoming the target of cyber fraud.

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Protecting client confidentiality in the digital era

SIMONE HERBERT-LOWE discusses why protecting client confidentiality is not just an IT problem.

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Lawyers face cyber risk as property settlements move online

Property lawyers are warning of a heightened threat of cyber fraud to law firms and clients as high-value property transactions are increasingly conducted online via…

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Training is key to avoiding legal liability for rogue employees

Organisations may be able to escape liability for privacy breaches caused by ‘rogue’ employees, but only if proper protections were in place to start with….

By - 5 min read

Protecting your clients from stalking & abuse in the digital age

Technology-facilitated stalking and abuse is a very real problem and so too is the harm it causes. HELEN CAMPBELL examines the remedies now available.

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