Navigating the legal consequences of ransom payments in the face of ransomware attacks

An increase in ransomware attacks has forced law practices to consider whether to pay the ransom however there may be criminal law implications.

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Building trust Part 3: Supervising new lawyers online

The final article in a three-part series examining how lawyers can foster trusting relationships with clients and colleagues online and in hybrid work arrangements.

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Building trust Part 2: Establishing trust in online and hybrid team settings

Part two in the series examines the ways in which managers can establish and maintain trust while working online or in hybrid arrangements.

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Application of s 912A(1) Corporations Act and cybersecurity obligations after ASIC v RI Advice

The Federal Court considers whether failure to manage cybersecurity risk and resilience breaches obligations under s 912A of the Corporations Act.

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Avoiding a regulatory w-hack in the face of a cyber hack – what AFSL holders need to know

Australian Financial Services Licence holders face significant pecuniary penalties if found to be in breach of cybersecurity risk management obligations under s 912A Corporations Act.

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Biometric recognition technology and the Clearview AI decision

The Clearview AI decision signals increasing scrutiny of entities doing business in Australia that collect, use and transact biometric data about Australian individuals.

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Solicitors’ duties in the digital era – is there a duty of technological competence?

Simone Herbert-Lowe makes a case for solicitors having a duty of technological competence given the potential for significant financial harm.

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Online Safety Bill: An overview of the enhanced regime

With the online world becoming more ingrained in our lives, Australians of all ages are increasingly exposed to harms that occur online.

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The case for a new tort of cyber harm

Keeping pace with technology and why we need a new tort specifically for digital privacy breaches.

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Cyber security awareness month: making people the first line of defence

Tips on how to reduce cyber risk by educating and training your people.

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