Constitutional algebra: Palmer v Western Australia reunites the broken parts of s 92

A fascinating look at the High Court’s ruling on Clive Palmer’s challenge to the WA border closures.

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Trump, RBG, Barrett: Lessons from a juridico-political battleground

A fascinating look at the very public US Supreme Court appointment process & how it compares with the very private process for our High Court.

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The constitutional challenge to end the COVID border closures

Expert analysis of Clive Palmer’s High Court challenge to Western Australia’s border closures in response to coronavirus.

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Fresh insights from the Palace Letters

The Governor-General, the Chief Justice and the Palace Letters.

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Aboriginal Australians not vulnerable to deportation

A fascinating look at the High Court’s 4-3 split in the recent Aboriginal citizenship & deportation cases.

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Can we come home now? Temporary Exclusion Orders Act raises serious constitutional concerns

PROFESSOR HELEN IRVING considers the prospect of a High Court challenge to the latest controversial counter terrorism laws.

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The Constitutional limits of NCAT’s jurisdiction

Clients need to be advised of the Constitutional limits of NCAT’s jurisdiction so that alternative remedial avenues may be pursued. By RICHARD MCCULLAGH.

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The information that democracy needs: the 2018 Whitlam Oration

BRET WALKER SC delivered the 2018 Whitlam Oration in Parramatta. This abridged version is published with the permission of the Whitlam Institute.

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The constitutional cost of combatting espionage and foreign interference

The Federal Government has introduced three Bills to combat foreign interference in our political and electoral systems. Two have been passed. By HANNAH RYAN.

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