High Court leaves NCAT standing with no standing for interstate party disputes

The High Court ruled the NCAT is not permitted to hear ‘Federal Matters’ including disputes between residents of different States of Australia. By TALITHA FISHBURN.

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Brown v Tasmania: High Court delivers a win for protesters

In Brown v Tasmania, the High Court applied the constitutional freedom of political communication to invalidate provisions of the Tasmanian Protestors Act. By AMELIA SIMPSON.

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Seven little Australians (and counting … )*

The dual citizenship case that has gripped the nation was decided in a decisive, single joint judgment of the High Court of Australia. By TONY…

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What to make of a history of repeated referendum failure

Many Australians are pessimistic about the prospects of future attempts at constitutional reform. By DR PAUL KILDEA.

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Chief Justice Kiefel: Swearing-in ceremonies & the importance of firsts

On 30 January 2017, Susan Kiefel was sworn in as the first female Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia. By DR HEATHER ROBERTS.

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High Court gives tick to asylum seeker processing and detention in Nauru

The Commonwealth has been substantially involved in establishing and running the immigration detention centre in Nauru. By ANDREW YUILE.

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Citizenship-stripping reforms open to challenge in spite of safeguards

The Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Act 2015 (Cth), which creates three new ways in which dual citizens can be stripped of their Australian…

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Developers, election funding and the implied freedom of political communication: the HCA weighs in

In the future, the High Court may seek to unify the various approaches to proportionality across a range of constitutional law areas such as interstate…

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Proportionality and purposive constitutional powers

The principle of proportionality operates as a constraint on a purposive head of constitutional power. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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Indigenous recognition: completing our constitution

The Australian Constitution does not currently mention Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A referendum is required to correct this injustice and complete our Constitution….

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