Super death benefit claims where there is no binding nomination

The ins and outs of super death benefit claims where there is no binding nomination.

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Superannuation nominations for persons lacking capacity

NSWSC considers whether an enduring attorney can make a binding death benefit nomination for a principal.

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Understanding the relationship between deceased estates and super benefits in drafting a will

Superannuation death benefits and tips for more effective will drafting.

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Reassessing testamentary capacity: time for lawyers and doctors to work together

The case for a new coordinated national approach to assessing testamentary capacity.

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Who bears the costs in estate litigation?

A look at recent and common types of costs orders in wills and estates matters.

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Digital records and estate planning

Practical tips for dealing with digital records in estate planning and administration.

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Suspicious circumstances and estate litigation

Part 3 of our series dealing with practical issues that commonly arise in estate litigation – an examination of the suspicious circumstances rule.

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Informal wills: an informal response to these things

A learned but informal opinion on informal wills and s 8 of the Succession Act

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Practical tips for dealing with knowledge and approval of a will

A fundamental requirement for a valid will is that the testator knew and approved its contents. This is part of establishing the testator had the…

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Practical tips for dealing with testamentary capacity

Testamentary capacity is an issue that commonly arises in estate litigation. DAVID PRICE shares some pointers on dealing with this issue.

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