Practical tips for dealing with knowledge and approval of a will

A fundamental requirement for a valid will is that the testator knew and approved its contents. This is part of establishing the testator had the…

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Expert reports and evidence – the dangers of non-compliance

Two recent decisions highlight the problems that can occur in expert reports or evidence and the attendant risks. By JENNIFER O’BRIEN

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Reduce risk and stress by systematically managing critical dates

JEN MCMILLAN provides her top tips to help solicitors manage critical dates.

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Practical tips for dealing with testamentary capacity

Testamentary capacity is an issue that commonly arises in estate litigation. DAVID PRICE shares some pointers on dealing with this issue.

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Tread carefully in charging for non-professional work in the administration of estates

The fees solicitors charge in estate administration are increasingly coming before courts, writes LOUISE BROWN.

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Estate planning and superannuation death benefits

Estate planning and superannuation death benefits. By DARRYL BROWNE

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Tips for finalising estate matters

Four tips to minimise risks when finalising estate matters. By JEN MCMILLAN.

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Derivative actions for deceased estates

DARRYL BROWNE explains the practicalities of derivative actions for deceased estates.

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Powers of Attorney – an ‘enduring’ source of liability for solicitors

A discussion of Reilly v Reilly [2017] NSWSC 1419 and restrictions on Powers of Attorney imposed by the general law. By GREG COUSTON and TONY…

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Solicitors as executors: responsibilities and rewards

Solicitors should  be mindful of the complications which can arise if a will maker appointments you as their executor.  By JOHN CLARKE.

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