Native title: protecting culturally significant sites from development

The Torres Strait success story offering hope for culturally significant sites at risk from development.

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Best practice standards for representing Aboriginal clients

Legal Aid’s helpful guide provides guidance on issues impacting representation of Aboriginal clients.  

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What does it mean to be an Aboriginal child when it comes to adoption?

Recent NSWCA decision expands the definition of ‘Aboriginal child’.

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Police silence and Aboriginal deaths in custody

Contemporary decisions highlight concerns about police accountability and Aboriginal deaths in custody.

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The legal implications of Australia’s latest World Heritage site

The Budj Bim landscape is the first Australian site to be inscribed on the World Heritage List exclusively for its testament to Indigenous cultural heritage.

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What you didn’t know about the landmark Rocky Hill judgment

The significance of the landmark Rocky Hill judgment – beyond climate change. By JOHN WATTS, KEN EVELEIGH., MICHAEL MANIKAS AND JEFF KITE.

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Aboriginal cultural heritage reforms: a move towards genuine Aboriginal control?

A new government proposal for stand-alone cultural heritage legislation proposes to expand the definition of Aboriginal cultural heritage to include intangible aspects and confer upon…

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Full Court upholds most findings in Timber Creek native title compensation case

The Full Federal Court handed down its appeal decision in Australia’s first native title compensation case, Northern Territory of Australia v Griffiths [2017] FCAFC 106.

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A legislative fix for McGlade ILUAs

The Federal Government’s Bill to reverse the impact of the Full Federal Court’s decision in McGlade was passed on 14 June 2017. By LEONIE FLYNN,…

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A national tragedy: ALRC seeks views on Indigenous incarceration

The ALRC launched an enquiry into the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the criminal justice system. By MARIE-CLAIRE MUIR.

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