The clock is ticking: could the UK leave the EU without an exit deal?

The House of Commons passed the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill to provide a functioning statute book on the day the UK leaves the EU. By…

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Freedom of movement and residence: the cornerstone of EU citizenship

EU citizens relocated ‘internally’ as EU citizens will be ‘externalised’ as a result of Brexit. By ANNE McNAUGHTON.

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Australia secures costs in plain packaging arbitration

Australia recovered a portion of its legal and other costs incurred as respondent in arbitral proceedings commenced by Phillip Morris in 2011. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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BREXIT: the legal, political & social fallout continues

On 27 January 2017, the UK Supreme Court affirmed the High Court’s decision that Parliamentary consent was needed to give notice of withdrawal from the…

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Taming the dragon: Enforcing contracts in China

A bilateral agreement can provide Australian parties with a ‘bridge’ into the mainland China court system and its enforcement processes. By NIGEL COTMAN SC and…

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Timor gap conciliation set to proceed

A United Nations Conciliation Commission recently decided that conciliation proceedings can proceed between Timor-Leste and Australia. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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The Chilcot report on Iraq & lessons for Australia

The Chilcot Report details legal, policy and military decision-making by the UK over 2001-2009 about military intervention in Iraq. By STEPHEN TULLY.

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Key legal implications of UK withdrawal from the EU

The triggering of article 50 gives the UK and the European Union (‘EU’) a two-year period to undertake the complex negotiations for Brexit. By ANNE…

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China’s claims dashed in South China Sea arbitration

The South China Sea Arbitration is one of the most complex and significant decisions rendered by an international court or tribunal in the international law…

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Manus Island Regional Processing Centre Illegal under PNG law

The Supreme Court of Justice of Papua New Guinea has unanimously held that detention in the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre is contrary to the…

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