Space debris: a challenge to our way of life on earth

The surprising threat to life on earth and the legal and non-legal solutions we need to consider.

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The ship that keeps on Given: legal implications of the Suez Canal debacle

The Ever Given may have been dislodged, but the complex legal fallout has only just begun.

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Australian law in the freezer: 60 years of the Antarctic Treaty

After 60 years of legal and political challenges, what lies ahead for the Antarctic Treaty?

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Vaccine equity and the case for limiting patent rights

An examination of the hot topic of vaccine nationalism and the case for limiting the lucrative monopolies of COVID-19 vaccine patents.

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Cruising through the Coronavirus: a journey through international law

With cruise ships in international limbo around the world, our expert investigates the tension between States’ rights and the humanitarian needs of passengers and crew.

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2018 Timor Sea Treaty: a new dawn in relations between Australia and Timor-Leste?

The Timor Sea Treaty establishes a permanent maritime boundary in the Timor Sea, replacing previous joint petroleum development arrangements. By PROFESSOR DONALD R ROTHWELL.

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The changing nature of space: future challenges for space law

Space law has not kept pace with commercial and geo-political space developments and complexities. By STEVEN FREELAND.

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The clock is ticking: could the UK leave the EU without an exit deal?

The House of Commons passed the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill to provide a functioning statute book on the day the UK leaves the EU. By…

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Freedom of movement and residence: the cornerstone of EU citizenship

EU citizens relocated ‘internally’ as EU citizens will be ‘externalised’ as a result of Brexit. By ANNE McNAUGHTON.

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