When does dishonesty provide a valid reason for dismissal?

When the boss has questions about your ‘out of hours’ conduct, is honesty always the best policy?

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Devil in the data: Deliveroo decision delivers a blow to the gig economy

Top takeaways from the FWC’s Deliveroo decision and implications for the gig economy.

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Transitioning back to the office: Rights and responsibilities

Tips for employers and employees alike in negotiating the transition back to the office.

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Let’s keep it casual: A modern take on an old concept

A practical analysis of the Government’s significant new reforms to casual employment laws.

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[email protected]: What’s it going to take?

Will the Government’s [email protected] response be enough to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace ?

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Beyond the bounds of Uber: implications for Australia

The landmark UK Supreme Court Uber decision and why it’s highly relevant for Australia.

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Requiring the jab? What’s reasonable in Australian workplaces

What is lawful and reasonable when it comes to vaccinations and the workplace?

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JobMaker: How the Federal Budget Hiring Credit scheme works

Expert consideration of the complex new JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme.

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The delicate balancing act that is industrial relations reform

Your guide to the most significant industrial relations reforms being considered in over a decade.

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Federal Court divided on which ‘complaints’ give rise to unlawful adverse action

When is OK to make a workplace ‘complaint’ or ‘inquiry’? As the Federal Court found in Cummins South Pacific P/L v Keenan, the answer is…

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