High Court clear as day on “notional” day in the life

High Court provides welcome clarity on the meaning of ‘a day’ for personal leave purposes.

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Working from home: Basic health and safety obligations

Still working from home? Employees and employers alike should be aware of their WH&S rights and responsibilities.

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Employment relationships: When two’s company and three’s a crowd

The Full Federal Court highlights limitations of the employee/ independent contractor dichotomy.

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Taking the mickey at work: Could it be your downfall?

Full Federal Court finds Nazi meme not grounds for employee’s dismissal.

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Unconscious bias: a persistent challenge for female lawyers

Unconscious bias and insights about how your firm can be a positive model for change.

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Remote staff supervision: Managing the risks

Now is a good time to review how successful working from home arrangements are and to identify potential areas of risk.

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‘Zero tolerance’: Legal Services Commissioner gets tough on sexual harassment

The Legal Services Commissioner for NSW addresses the problem of sexual harassment in the profession and how you can make a complaint.

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Redundancy pay: Nothing ordinary about losing a contract

Full Federal Court considers redundancy payment obligations and the notoriously uncertain ‘ordinary and customary turnover of labour’ exception.  

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Doubling down on ‘double dipping’: The Full Federal Court’s decision in Rossato

The future of casual employment & the Full Federal Court’s decision in Workpac v Rossato.  

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‘Us too?’: One year on from the IBA’s damning report

The ongoing problem of bullying in the legal profession: the impacts, consequences and avenues for redress.

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