Containing coronavirus: workplace considerations

With employers around the world being called upon to play a lead role in containing COVID-19, we explore some of the key workplace issues.  

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What’s in a name? Modern award changes and new compliance safeguards

An in-depth examination of the hot topic of modern awards and ‘annualised wage arrangements’.  

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‘Show me the money’: security for costs in Fair Work class actions

The FCA has held that third party litigation funders can be ordered to pay security for costs directly. By JACK DE FLAMINGH & VANESSA MCGLYNN…

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Workplace surveillance and improperly obtained evidence

Questioning the admissibility of surveillance and covert recordings in workplace disputes. By JACK DE FLAMINGH and JAMES CONNOLLY.  

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What McDonald’s can teach us about franchisor liability

Searching for solutions to the dilemma of franchisor liability for workplace breaches. By GLENN FREDERICKS

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A day in the life: Federal Court takes personal leave back to basics

What you need to know about the Federal Court’s landmark judgment on personal leave. By JACK DE FLAMINGH and ALANNAH HOGAN.  

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Public servants all atwitter: High Court has its say on “free speech”

What employers and employees can learn from the much-hyped Comcare v Banerji judgment. By JACK DE FLAMINGH and DANIEL ARGYRIS.  

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A warning to the legal profession to stamp out sexual harassment

MIA PANTECHIS discusses a damning new judgment on sexual harassment in a NSW law firm, as well as a new procedure for dealing with complaints.

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Consent, the Privacy Act and biometric scanners in the workplace

An in-depth look at the privacy implications of collecting employees’ biometric data.

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Substance over form – Fair Work Commission cuts some slack

Procedure is a servant, not the king – approval of enterprise agreements gets a little bit easier. By JACK DE FLAMINGH and CHRIS BELL.

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