A day in the life: Federal Court takes personal leave back to basics

What you need to know about the Federal Court’s landmark judgment on personal leave. By JACK DE FLAMINGH and ALANNAH HOGAN.  

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Public servants all atwitter: High Court has its say on “free speech”

What employers and employees can learn from the much-hyped Comcare v Banerji judgment. By JACK DE FLAMINGH and DANIEL ARGYRIS.  

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A warning to the legal profession to stamp out sexual harassment

MIA PANTECHIS discusses a damning new judgment on sexual harassment in a NSW law firm, as well as a new procedure for dealing with complaints.

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Consent, the Privacy Act and biometric scanners in the workplace

An in-depth look at the privacy implications of collecting employees’ biometric data.

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Freedom of speech in a master / servant relationship

An in-depth look at the debate about freedom of speech in an employment relationship. By JACK DE FLAMINGH.

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Training is key to avoiding legal liability for rogue employees

Organisations may be able to escape liability for privacy breaches caused by ‘rogue’ employees, but only if proper protections were in place to start with….

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Fine lines blurred in adverse action applications

There is a fine line between a decision made because of a protected attribute, and one made because of the manifestation of that protected attribute….

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Walking the line: when does a shiny new enterprise lose its lustre?

JACK DE FLAMINGH & HANNAH PETERS discuss the first FWC case to consider Fair Work Act amendments aimed at resolving protracted greenfields bargaining disputes.

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Same same but different: it’s time to close the gender pay gap

On International Women’s Day, it’s time we all take stock of what we can do to reduce the gender pay gap.

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Legal internships in NSW: experience or exploitation?

The Law Society’s Employment Law Committee outlines the legal framework of internships to assist employers in meeting their rights and responsibilities.

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