Working with clients with disability: improving experiences in the justice system

Insights and practical tips for working with clients with disability & engaging with the Royal Commission.

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When should I not act for a client?

When should you decline to act for a client? Recent headlines may have you wondering.

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Who gets the file notes? Supreme Court provides new guidance

Your file notes, your business? New Supreme Court decisions might have you thinking again.

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How law firms can mitigate the risk of cyber attacks

Addressing the unspoken problem of cyber extortion against law firms – ways you need to prepare, now.

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Penumbral duty no longer ‘an area of obscurity or uncertainty’

NSWCA confirms solicitors do not owe a ‘penumbral duty’ to provide advice beyond the retainer.

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Best practice standards for representing Aboriginal clients

Legal Aid’s helpful guide provides guidance on issues impacting representation of Aboriginal clients.  

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Cross-examination by video in the COVID-19 context

The courts weigh in on the pros and cons of remote online cross-examination.

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File notes: when to take them and when to use them

The real value of file notes in defending professional indemnity claims.

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Adjournments and e-trials in the COVID-19 context

Two recent cases raise concerns about pursuing e-trials to avoid delays when the circumstances would have likely warranted an adjournment a few months ago.

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Getting the message across: clients, clarity and communication

Clear and effective communication is key in minimising the likelihood of a professional negligence claim.

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