Judicial advice: when it’s best to seek the wisdom of the bench

A guide to when fiduciaries can seek judicial advice and protect themselves from personal liability.

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Risk management and compliance – two sides of the same coin

The Legal Services Commissioner of NSW on the importance of having appropriate management systems in place.

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I hope this email finds you well (aware of your obligations under the Rules)

A recent case clarifies the rule requiring an opponent’s consent to be obtained before any communication with the Court.

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The CDPP’s e-Brief Referral Guidelines: modernising the conduct of federal prosecutions

CDPP’s e-Brief Referral Guidelines to improve the efficiency of prosecutions. By ILAN LEWIS

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Practical tips for conveyancing solicitors in a changing economy

How conveyancing solicitors can avoid professional negligence claims in a changing economy. By ROSEMARY WORKMAN.

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Online Court in the District Court of NSW

Guidance on using the Online Court in the District Court. By JAMES HOWARD.

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Update on the District Court’s Commercial Jurisdiction

PATRICK WIGGINS and SEBASTIAN BRODOWSKI discuss the current status of the District Court’s commercial jurisdiction crisis.

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Birthing a legal lacuna: the extraction and use of sperm without consent

A personal tragedy has cast light on whether sperm can be extracted and used from an unconscious or dead person without prior written consent. By…

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Commercial jurisdiction of the District Court: surprising, inconvenient, unfortunate?

The District Court’s commercial jurisdiction has been thrown into doubt by recent cases. Legislation may be introduced but it is not known when. By MICHELLE…

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Avoiding contempt of court for breach of freezing orders: it’s a matter of trust

Care is needed in drafting freezing orders – and once they are made, effective procedures are needed to ensure that they are not breached. By…

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