Practical tips for conveyancing solicitors in a changing economy

How conveyancing solicitors can avoid professional negligence claims in a changing economy. By ROSEMARY WORKMAN.

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Online Court in the District Court of NSW

Guidance on using the Online Court in the District Court. By JAMES HOWARD.

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Update on the District Court’s Commercial Jurisdiction

PATRICK WIGGINS and SEBASTIAN BRODOWSKI discuss the current status of the District Court’s commercial jurisdiction crisis.

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Birthing a legal lacuna: the extraction and use of sperm without consent

A personal tragedy has cast light on whether sperm can be extracted and used from an unconscious or dead person without prior written consent. By…

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Commercial jurisdiction of the District Court: surprising, inconvenient, unfortunate?

The District Court’s commercial jurisdiction has been thrown into doubt by recent cases. Legislation may be introduced but it is not known when. By MICHELLE…

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Avoiding contempt of court for breach of freezing orders: it’s a matter of trust

Care is needed in drafting freezing orders – and once they are made, effective procedures are needed to ensure that they are not breached. By…

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The ‘poster boy’ plaintiff and contumacious, contumelious, criminal and civil contempt

A recent liability judgment by Justice Rothman of the NSW Supreme Couris a helpful example of the Court’s approach to proceedings for contempt. By TALITHA…

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Who do you think they are? Identifying your client

A recent case emphasises the importance of identifying clients before witnessing their signatures on loan and associated security documents. By TONY REYNOLDS and DEBORAH MORRIS.

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Unsure about Online Registry and Online Court? We’ve got your queries covered

Advances allow judicial officers and legal representatives to manage and process preliminary orders outside the court room. By THE LAW SOCIETY OF NSW LITIGATION LAW…

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Introducing the new Court of Appeal practice note to the profession

The new Court of Appeal Practice Note aims to streamline the information in the previous practice note and to present it in a clearer manner….

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