Navigating court protocols in post pandemic practice

The current state of procedural complexity, with requirements varying between courts and judges, is a minefield. How can practitioners ensure they comply with all the…

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Building trust Part 3: Supervising new lawyers online

The final article in a three-part series examining how lawyers can foster trusting relationships with clients and colleagues online and in hybrid work arrangements.

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Building trust Part 2: Establishing trust in online and hybrid team settings

Part two in the series examines the ways in which managers can establish and maintain trust while working online or in hybrid arrangements.

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‘Without Fear or Favour’: ALRC report on judicial impartiality

The ALRC report on judicial impartiality has recently been released. It makes sweeping and structural recommendations.  

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Preparing expert evidence: ‘Render unto the expert the things that are the expert’s’

Lawyers should avoid interfering with the preparation of expert reports otherwise the report may be rejected as well as any oral evidence given under cross-examination.

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Less-paper practice: Paperless affidavits and expert reports

After 12 years of using less paper, I have identified several reliable rules. Allow people to work with paper without forcing people to work with paper.

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Good etiquette is good advocacy: Professional interactions in and out of court

As face-to-face court appearances resume, there has been an increase in reports of rudeness and intimidation from barristers and solicitors in court.

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Challenging legal professional privilege in multidisciplinary practices

The Federal Court’s much‑anticipated judgment in the dispute between the Commissioner of Taxation and PricewaterhouseCoopers regarding legal professional privilege.

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New accessorial liability for solicitors under the Sex Discrimination Act and fresh obligations under Conduct Rule 42

Changes to the Sex Discrimination Act have had implications for the recently amended Rule 42 of the Conduct Rules.

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Recent changes to the Conduct Rules: Anti-discrimination and harassment

Changes to the Conduct Rules make clear that solicitors are expected to conduct themselves to a higher standard of conduct than prescribed in any legislation…

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