Compensation for land acquisition on a ‘reinstatement’ basis

Some dispossessed owners of land in NSW can now seek compensation for land acquisition on the basis of ‘reinstatement’.

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Directors’ duties and the risky business of greenwashing

Hutley and Hartford Davis share some of the practical steps directors can take to reduce the likelihood of liability arising from net zero climate change…

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Native title: protecting culturally significant sites from development

The Torres Strait success story offering hope for culturally significant sites at risk from development.

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The Montara oil spill class action – ‘The obvious cannot be ignored’

Lay observers and expert witnesses face off in the Montara oil spill class action.

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Decision making in uncertain times: pandemics, planning and climate change

How the pandemic might inform our response to climate change.

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The Rest climate case settlement: a precedent by any other name?

The climate change settlement raising the bar for Australian corporate risk management.

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Compensating compulsorily acquired trade-related leases

A new take on the valuation of leasehold interests in resumption of land cases.

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Climate Disaster Law: does it hold the key to dealing with bushfires?

With climate change being recognised as an exacerbating factor in the Australian bushfire disaster, ‘Climate Disaster Law’ is now coming to the fore.

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The legal implications of Australia’s latest World Heritage site

The Budj Bim landscape is the first Australian site to be inscribed on the World Heritage List exclusively for its testament to Indigenous cultural heritage.

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Risky business: super case heats up climate debate

ILONA MILLAR & SHARONA COUTTS examine how regulators, corporations and individuals are starting to see climate change as a matter of financial risk management.

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