Risky business: super case heats up climate debate

ILONA MILLAR & SHARONA COUTTS examine how regulators, corporations and individuals are starting to see climate change as a matter of financial risk management.

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What you didn’t know about the landmark Rocky Hill judgment

The significance of the landmark Rocky Hill judgment – beyond climate change. By JOHN WATTS, KEN EVELEIGH., MICHAEL MANIKAS AND JEFF KITE.

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Dispossessed business owners see a narrowing of just compensation

A recent decision has narrowed the scope of compensation for many resumed businesses, notwithstanding a clear statutory obligation to ‘justly compensate’ them. By ANDREW BEATTY…

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‘Unlawful’ and ‘indefensible’: Murray-Darling Basin Authority receives damning report card

RICHARD BEASLEY SC delivers a scathing report of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s ‘unlawful’ and ‘incomprehensible’ mismanagement of the Basin.

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Climate change takes centre stage in Land and Environment Court

Gloucester Resources v Minister for Planning marks the first time an Australian court has refused a development on the basis of its climate change impacts.

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The mainstreaming of climate litigation

A landmark Australian judgment has shone a light on how climate change is now working its way into traditional areas of litigation around the world. 

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Managing our scarce water resources: developments in the Murray-Darling

Analysis of the latest legal and policy developments in the Murray-Darling Basin ahead of the much anticipated Royal Commission report. By EMMA CARMODY.

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Changing the legal status of nature: recent developments and future possibilities

Changing the legal status of nature from an object, or human property, to a rights-bearing subject in law is an emerging legal movement. By DR…

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Judicial guidance on procedure in Strata Renewal Proceedings

Judgements in the the Land and Environment Court of NSW. provide useful guidance about Strata Renewal Proceedings when owners can’t agree. By PAUL VERGOTIS and…

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New Year ushers in sweeping reform of state planning laws

Planning authorities will be required to prepare Community Consultation Plans, which may supplement public participation requirements under legislation. By JOSIE WALKER.

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